Sunday, December 29, 2013


YAAAAYYY!!! That there is my logo thanks to my graphic and web designer Skye Media Group!  I love it!  Over the past two years I've been pregnant and settling into my new role of mommy!  While loving that I decided to realize a long time dream of mine and start a dessert business.  It has been amazing and growth has been steady and the future is promising.  It isn't until recently that I've taken the steps to invest in branding and what you see is above is the logo.  MY website is!!!  IT FEELS AWESOME TO SAY THAT!  What also feels awesome is having a business that I love doing something I LOVE and that other people are LOVING it also! Isn't that all we want in life is to love and be loved for what we offer the world?!?!? 

2013 has shown me so much of what is possible for me and Prissy Sweet Cake Treats and I cannot wait until 2014!  There is so much more to come like; shipping, new products, and events galore!  Stay tuned...but until next time follow @PrissySweetCake on Instagram, Twitter, and like Prissy Sweet Cake Treats on Facebook!!