Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm not sure which of you went to see the long anticipated film this past weekend but I certainly made an event of it with my baby sister, mother, auntie (whose expecting her first...YAY!!), and my grandmother after dinner at Maggianos!

I was excited to see the film but the movie disappointed me :( a great deal, sadly.

Reason being, and please don't shoot me loyal Tyler Perryans...i'm one too. I didn't think the film accurately captured the essence of the delight and plight that being a "colored" woman exudes.
GRANT IT, I did not read the book nor have I seen the play although the film does have me anxious to get my paws on them both. I felt the film captured the common struggles of women across all income, and racial lines. With the exception, of Janet's character, I don't think any issues that were unique to "colored" women, black women were depicted. ALL sexually active teen girls risk facing the scary reality of an unplanned pregnancy, lots of wives/women of crazed veterens/addicts are abused, many women are sex and attention deprived, etc. Instead I feel that if a colored woman's story was to be told, then it should have captured; how our men can't get jobs because they're black NOT veteren and alcoholic, in fact, some have not a thing wrong with them. It could have focused more on how our women are up against this still newly discovered culture of the "down low" brother because of our community's homophobia and our men's fear of being found out or labeled a sissy if they are with other men, it could have captured the absense of the effects of a successful father figure in the house of our many single mother households and those households that are thriving against the odds for lack of resources, education and the abundance of poverty in our community, our overly sexualized public personas that say nothing about our strength, legacy, and journey, etc.
I simply thought the movie did a great job of depicting issues relateable BY ALL women NOT just "colored" women. While that's not a bad thing but a great thing...the movie was for COLORED girls and we do really have our own set of issues that are purely unique to US!!!!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it could have captured how much WE SIMPLY ROCK!!!!!!


Unplanned pregnancy...No Excuses anymore, right?

Ladies would you use this??? What, if anything, do you think about this?