Friday, April 23, 2010

Curbside Cupcake

Who in the DMV has heard of this??? Anyone who knows me personally or follows me on Twitter, knows I frequent Dupont Circle's Hello Cupcake (best cupcakes hands down), but Washington, DC is also known for other cupcakery's like Georgetown Cupcake AND Red Velvet in Chinatown. OMG, today while I was with my co-worker on our biweekly cupcake run to Hello Cupcake, I finally saw the Curbside Cupcake truck...people have been telling me about


You mean to tell me I can get cupcakes made to order and delivered to me like pizza and takeout??? I can sit in my office and have them delivered to my job??? This is far more attractive to me than the half mile trip I make everytime I have a craving for Hello Cupcake's heavenly Prima Donna, Cookies & Cream, or Raspberry Beret Cupcakes ANNND Curbside Cupcake has Red Velvet!!!

Needless to say I will be trying this service out real soon.....have any of you???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WHATEVER IT IS, WHOEVER IT IS; Whether it is a toxic relationship, friendship, job, or bad trait (because yes, sometimes the problem is YOU) LET IT GO!!!! If it's causing strife within your precious, beautiful, GOD given life LET IT GO!!!

Stop stressing over what WAS or isn't!!! Fight for and hold on firmly to what shall be, is rightfully yours and IS!!

Stress causes illnesses, wrinkles, premature aging (of the mind and physical self)....DO NOT give anyone or anything that power of YOU!!!

SMILE even during the worst of times, CHOOSE to focus on what makes you happy!!! What we focus on is what will flourish in our lives....choose to focus on positivity and peace!!!

Live life without regret, happily
and in love with YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Icon transitions....

My readers know that I am all about female empowerment and uplifting my fellow Black woman. With that, today the world mourns the death of a female pioneer, civil rights activst, and sorority sister of Delta Sigma Theta sorors everywhere....Dr. Dorothy Height. Dr. Height, former President of the National Counsil of Negro Women, has passed away at the age of 98 of natural causes.

Dr. Height is deserving of this post because (I've always dreamed of meeting her) she chose to live a life of service, fighting for equal rights for her fellow man and woman...especially Black men and women. It is because of women like Dr. Dorothy Height, that I, a young black woman, can vote, work in any position that a man can, and attend any university I choose. Of course with the exception of those established all male institutions like the historic Morehouse University.

Last year, the first bill that President Obama signed was a bill by the name of the Lily Ledbetter Act. That act made it mandatory for women to be treated equally in a place of employment and that they be paid equally and as fairly as their male counterparts. Such an act was only possible after decades of work and struggles from women such as Dr. Height. So as women that are either seeking new employment, going off to our jobs, sending our children off to daycare this morning, casting votes in national elections for individuals that would further fight on our behalf and enact acts such as the Lily Ledbetter Act....let us NOT forget about the service, life, and accomplishments of Dr. Dorothy Height.

Dr. Height has also been the recipient of the two highest awards available to a civilian in the United States of America; The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

THANK YOU Dr. Height!!!! We are forever grateful!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

So, the weekend....UPDATE!!!

See the previous post!!! BTW, I hope all your weekends were GREAT!! The weather was beautiful this weekend!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

White Collar Adonis...Mr. Bookkeeper...

LOL @ how "Mr.Bookkeeper" would make his skin crawl!! He's actually an accountant but screw that, I like Mr. Bookkeeper better. He's coming into town tonight (From NJ). This should be interesting! It's been a year since i've seen this man, but despite our daily talks, not so bleak past, and very obvious & imposing chemistry, my nerves are a jumping and my mind is a racing....honestly, I don't even know the real purpose behind this visit. He said he was coming down and I was like "OK" I mean I don't have anything else to do. I might as well host his highness this weekend.....

Anyway his visit isn't the only thing I'm unsure of; Like why is he visiting, why do we talk so much, why is he back in my life at all (question for the past year), Do I like him, why do I keep him around and him me????????? It's weird because we don't talk about this stuff. Like the huge pink elephant in the room, the mounds of chemistry, physical attraction between us just awkwardly stands around as we clumsily prance around it with normal topics of discussion of our days, work, life.....all but dating LOL!!!! We talk about everything but THAT and that i'm not too sure of either. Why is THAT?!?!? For hours on end we quiz each other about current events, we laugh, share jokes, reminsce, and talk about everything EXCEPT our interaction with the opposite sex. That both comforts me and concerns me all while I'm still wondering what the heck is it that he wants from me!

So there goes the story of my weekend...I'll be entertaining my friend/former beau/Mr.Bookkeeper. Maybe i'll finally be able to answer some of those questions....UGH, I got **butterflies** Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: So, Mr. Bookkeeper kept me company for most of the weekend. He arrived a little after 10pm Friday night and as he emerged from his car all the butterflies went away, my nerves calmed and for the duration of his stay, everything fell into to speak. I didn't bother to quiz him on all the wonders of my mind like what we're doing, what's between us, etc, etc because I like what IS right now. I ended a long term situation FOR GOOD in February and well, it's cool to just have something with little expectations, labels, and the stressful works, i'm having fun....The distance actually helps with that too. The MAN I spent the weekend with has certainly and completely evolved from the not so grown man he was when I dated him his Senior year of college. I mean, was there anyway he wasn't winning me over, having me blush???? IDK what the cologne was but all my happy parts loved it, his height is sooo right for my 5ft 9" frame at 6ft 3inches....he's everything I didn't even realize I was missing the past three and half years; Tall, handsome, Assertive, and ladies I don't know about yall but I love a man that sort of IMPOSES traditional gender roles on me putting me in the place of the woman (the nurturer, the caterer) while he protects, provides and LEADS. He's intelligent (love a man that always has something to teach me), goal oriented it, his work ethic is SICK & at there seems to be no slowing him down on the corporate ladder. It was a sensual weekend....we lauged, flirted, blushed, kissed, hugged, spooned, talked, debated over sports, shopped a little together, cuddled and kissed & hugged some more. NOW, can you see why I didn't bother with the's fun, light and innocent right now and there is a nostalgia about that, that I can't shake and I don't wanna ruin it before it's time. He's my magnet and it's weird because when I talk to him there sort of feels like there was no in between, like, all of what happend in our lives in the past three and a half years we were apart didn't happen at all. I like this and the mystery of it all.....

In essence all the questions I really wanted answered WERE answered: The attraction, spark, fun, and interest all are still there and on top of it all he's a great friend!!! In the end that really is all I want....A great friend!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Friday, April 9, 2010

Sin City Bound!!!

EXCITED??? Pleeeeease, that is an understated description about how I feel about my trip to Las Vegas. It's definitely nothing short of a dream come true and the BEST thing is, I am making it happen for myself. NOPE! This isn't another mommy & daddy gimme, I planned and financed this trip ON MY OWN from the plane, luxury hotel, to the sexy limo that will serve as mine and the bestii's roundtrip transportation back & forth from the airport!!!! The whole ordeal has been exciting; booking the flight tix, hotel (Signature @ MGM Grand), Chippendale Show tix, shopping and discovering all that Vegas has to offer in the months before!!! I'm pumped and lmao at my parents constant questions on the details about my trip. LOL, it's my first trip, at such a long distance, without them. So far i've only had minor road trips (no more than 6hours away) with friends............I'm LOVING the life i'm LIVING because I AM LIVING the life I LOVE!!

CLAIM what you want for you! Refuse to settle for less!! My dreams are coming true......Living exactly the way I claimed I would even amongst my naysayers!!! My bills are PAID! I SAY what I want, Pray for what I want, Set out for it and HAVE it....LIFE is an interesting ride but we can set out to make it as enjoyable as we wish. DO YOU MY LOVELIES *Smile*

"I talk like this cause I can back it up"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

40+ & FAB!!!! (Black Pride Moment, Sorry?)

As of lately i've been on this self improvement, beauty, health, fitness, positive attitude kick and anyone who knows me, knows that I pride myself on my African American heritage....LOVE being a Black Woman!!!! While browsing the net I came across a few pictures of some nubian (LOL) women that show us better than anything else that Black DOES NOT crack!!!

At 22 I can only hope I have a fraction of these ladies' beauty, sex appeal, poise, and grace when i'm 40+!!!!! I should have done this post when I was doing my Black Women in History posts in February & March. Nevertheless, it's here now. I'm posting this now because I believe my fellow African Americans are the sexiest, baddest people on this Earth...we bring the flavor, humor, fun, spice, mystery, strength, sugar, and EVERYTHING NICE!!! Kudos to us eh? and these BEAUTIFUL WOMEN rockin' 40+ like only WE can!!!! Of course there are more women than just the three shown here.....