Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Winning??? Yeah, I think so...

They say hoes be winnin' but Diddy be winnin' too!  The man is a master at marketing any and everything, BUT these days Twitter is taking care of that for him!  I am so TIRED of tweets and twitpics of Peach Ciroc!  People tweet about this stuff like they have some personal stake in the company or avenue for a come up if the world knows they have tried or are about to go bottoms up on a bottle of the new Peach Ciroc.  Maybe it's the social networking evolution, but really is, of all things, liquor that important?  And must I know where you got it, how much it costs. and what you're drinking it with!?!? It has gone way far...last weekend was Howard University's homecoming and of course the whole weekend Ciroc was just as much as a topic as the homecoming itself!!  So yea, hoes move over...DIDDY BE WINNIN' & I'm not mad him!  I would appreciate the free press too, while STACKIN$$$$

Anyone else over this?!?!

So, I don't follow all the sports but hell if I don't look forward to NBA season every year!  I'm so over this lockout I could scream and choke an owner and a player!!  End this already!! The negotiations have gone on too long and NOBODY is winning in this production...which is exactly what they are turning this into, a full on dramatc PRODUCTION.  Not to mention the thousands,  maybe millions of people whose jobs depend on there being an NBA season every year.  The owners and players association need to get it together and think about the fans!!  I'm stuck looking at the EVER SO DRY Basketball Wives of LA, LaLa's Full Court Life, and the Kardashians to get my NBA fix lmao!!  *GRRRRRRRRRR* Stop the BS and give us a season...At this rate, we, the fans, can forget there being an All Star Weekend!  Winter just will not be right!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do you love your occupation?!!?

I was posed the question last night of what is my dream job and am I doing it.  Well, to answer the question, if I could create my dream job OR stop procrastinating in my creation of it, I would own a personal shopping and image consulting mini empire!  That is a far far cry from the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice I earned at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, but as you grow you learn things including things about yourself.  Additionally, I have always wanted to run a nonprofit organization dedicated to the steady progression of young girls, preferable minority girls.  I have started the VERY basic ground work on these projects, but procrastination has hindered my own progression.  So disappointed in myself!!  Not to mention that everyday we wakeup not loving the life we live by living the life we'd love is a waste!!  The world wants what each of us has to give and inner passions are for a divine reason!  Are you living your dream?  What changes could you make to live the life you love and contribute to the world by way of your dreams and deepest passions?  I want anyone who reads this to take a second to think about the current quality of the life you live as it relates to your personal satisfaction and it's contribution to your innermost passions!! Are you on fire for your current endeavors and current occupation!?!? If not refocus and do what makes you happy...God has already figured out the rest!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

XQ Cuticle Remy!!

Hair review!!!  I promised myself I would  NEVER turn into one of those beauty bloggers/vloggers, but honestly, it is where I am right now and have been for awhile so to not blog about it, and to not offer my OPINION would not be right!!!  So normally, when I get a weave with beauty supply store, non-virgin hair, I use the Remy Saga hair GOLD!!  However, everytime I would go to buy the Saga, the packaging of the XQ Cuticle Remy always caught my eye and now, I'm going to try it!!  There is nothing wrong with the Remy Saga hair, in fact, I LOVE IT, but I want to switch up the weather some and try something different.  I have a scheduled install next Thursday so I will be posting pictures and maybe a video then of my first impressions and the new style.  I am very excited about the style because I'm doing something else different this time regarding the curling of the hair!!!  **STAY TUNED**