Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I swear....

Chrisette could play Tammi Terrell...
I really miss being able to update my blog regularly! My new job has not left much time for me to do anything else but it...not complaining, just venting. If you can separate the two. I got some free time now so I figured I'd peruse the site and see how its going for my followers and my favorite blogs. So, yes Moscato and Blogger on deck!!!!!!! My me time for the, i'm serious.

I'm actually browsing the net altogether; looking at halloween costumes and btw, for anyone looking, I typically get mine from that site, to me, has the best costumes!!! I shop there all year round *wink* and looking at hotels in Atlanta, which is where I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday Ursher and the Panty droppa will help me!!! YUP (in my trey songz voice)! I got tix to the Atlanta show and don't have a soul to go with so imma play that one by ear!!

So, readers, what are you all contemplating being, if anything, for Halloween this year? AND i'm late BUT what in the ham sandwich is goin on down there in Atlanta with New Birth Baptist....what do you think about the recent allegations against the Bishop Eddie Long??? I feel so bad for the members of this congregation, the Bishop, and the guys accusing the bishop (to an extent)...don't judge me!!

....I just remembered I have a blogger app on my Evo!!!!!!! Maybe I will try blogging on the go now. My job does have me meeting some uberinteresting people and going to even better places!!!!! Yea, imma try that, so yall look out for interesting pictures of my super-uber-busy life now....UGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me stop, it could be worse. Like, I could be unemployed!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Northern Swag v. Southern Charm

LADIES!!! I'm from the DMV that's the D.C, Maryland, Virginia area for those that don't know! Born and raised in the sexy nation's capitol!!!! To some i'm from the north, to others i'm what they call a southern belle and to others I fall right in between living here. However, my question is to the ladies....
When it comes to men, I always find myself drawn to the confidence, swag (yea i hate the word too), walk, accent, style, and flava of a guy from up top...most notably The Empire and Garden States (that's New York and New Jersey)...I like them, the slang, the cockiness, and perceived rudeness, the way they rock a fitted, and call you ma!!!!!!!!!
I'm aware that some ladies prefer a man south of the mason dixon...we call them, well, the worthy ones, Southern Gentleman. They're handy, can fix you a good meal, likely open all your doors, court you the old fashioned way (flowers, romance, walks). To me, they tend to be softer, gentler, and sweeter....even the "hard" ones....they're a good look too.
However, I have a preference so I was wondering if my readers/followers did too????? What's your preference Lovin' from up top OR a good ol' southern gentleman?!?!?!?!? NORTH OR SOUTH???

We make our plans...

and God does sit back and laughs his behind off at us!!! Remember how I said I was so gung-ho about going to Georgetown for Paralegal Studies??? Well, yea, I got in, registered for classes BUT had to drop them as the reality of my new work schedule laughed in my face!! NO room for school!! I just started a new position, to put it plainly, as an investigator for the feds....EXCITING!!! I am excited but WHYYYY...does it have to be at the expense of my going to school??? I promise it took alot out of me to drop my classes! However i'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason though...

While going through the security clearance process, I had no idea the new job would call me with a start date exactly ONE (1) day before my classes were scheduled to start at Georgetown!! Training for the new position is approximately 5-6 weeks and we're in week 2!!! Classes were for 13 weeks but given the strict attendance policy and the mandatory flexibility of the new gig, I figured i'd drop the classes and pick them back up next semester when I had more of a handle on my job. Great thing is, I will be working from home!!! *SCORE*

*tears*sigh*shrugOFrelief* I'm sad because i had a map of goals and a plan to be at a certain point by next fall but lets be honest I was going to be paying for my classes out of pocket and my sound mind checked the foolishness at the wouldve been a waste of about $3000 this semester had I tried to "stick it out"....just isn't possible right now!

All in all, between leaving a job (my first after college *tear*), starting a new one, learning the new one, and being available for shadow and on the job training...there was no room for school. I have been running around like a beheaded chicken!!!!!!! Not to mention my car has been having b!tchfits every other day!! There just hasn't been enough time in the day for me!!! I'm overwhelmed, my social life is temporarily awol, and I want to smile and cry....HELP!!! I MISSED MY BLOG THOUGH!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WHAT I MISS??????????