Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I really miss being able to update my blog regularly! My new job has not left much time for me to do anything else but it...not complaining, just venting. If you can separate the two. I got some free time now so I figured I'd peruse the site and see how its going for my followers and my favorite blogs. So, yes Moscato and Blogger on deck!!!!!!! My me time for the, i'm serious.

I'm actually browsing the net altogether; looking at halloween costumes and btw, for anyone looking, I typically get mine from that site, to me, has the best costumes!!! I shop there all year round *wink* and looking at hotels in Atlanta, which is where I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday Ursher and the Panty droppa will help me!!! YUP (in my trey songz voice)! I got tix to the Atlanta show and don't have a soul to go with so imma play that one by ear!!

So, readers, what are you all contemplating being, if anything, for Halloween this year? AND i'm late BUT what in the ham sandwich is goin on down there in Atlanta with New Birth Baptist....what do you think about the recent allegations against the Bishop Eddie Long??? I feel so bad for the members of this congregation, the Bishop, and the guys accusing the bishop (to an extent)...don't judge me!!

....I just remembered I have a blogger app on my Evo!!!!!!! Maybe I will try blogging on the go now. My job does have me meeting some uberinteresting people and going to even better places!!!!! Yea, imma try that, so yall look out for interesting pictures of my super-uber-busy life now....UGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me stop, it could be worse. Like, I could be unemployed!!!!!!

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