Monday, December 17, 2012


I turned 25 on December 7th....YAAAAAYYY, FIST PUMP, YAAAAAY, RAISE THE ROOF!!! LOL, so of course I had to make sure I looked cute!  What girl doesn't?!?  So, my trusty, ever so creative nail tech decided to do a fashion/Beyonce inspired design on my stiletto nails...HOTNESSSS!!!!!  She and I both LOVED LOVED LOVED the Leonard-Paris black & yellow dress Beyonce had on a couple days before.  So being the Bey Stan I am, of course I obliged to having that design land on NO other hands but mine! The decision was a NO brainer!  It's worth noting that this was my first time getting stiletto nails too.  I'm sooo late to hop on the pointy, rounded nail trend smh.  While I love nail art, I love it on short, square nails or my natural nails.  These were a HIT!! Celeste, my tech, is definitely an extraordinarily creative gem!!! Talent unmatched!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hair Chronicles: "Mommy Wig"

So, I've had this wig for about a year & I love it more now than I did then.  I'm so glad I discovered wigs!  They are a one time investment & offer incomparable versatility for...years!! My hair is pass shoulder length, but short hair is my beauty guilty pleasure!!! I feel so sassy in this one, and it is my go to wig for protective styling! Yes, I'm enjoying the look without the tell in my pic?? LOL sure beats cutting my natural (literally) tresses & at less than $30, I may even put in highlights and get another!!!

Stay tuned!