Monday, May 16, 2011

Why meeee????

So, I flew to Atlanta this weekend to hangout with one of my friends because we were celebrating her graduating from Clark Atlanta University today. I was way tooo pumped for this trip. I got to Atlanta turned up...ready to party, make it rain, hit up wet willies, shop, and have it up! So tell me why, not even 10 hours after arriving, somebody broke into my rental car and stole ALL of my ish INCLUDING my laptop!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO WORDS!!! I mean if I could express the way I feel maybe I'd say i'm blown, mad, sad, angry, disappointed..but none of those seem adequate!!! My laptop had all of my college memories on it, pics pics pics and more pics including intimate ones with me and the ex boo! I'm DONE! Of course I filed a police report but we already know I'm not getting the ish back. Its a complete lost...I feel thorougly violated!! My laptop was my life and I had some badd ish in that suitcase, expensive perfume, makeup galore, all my accessories, shoes I haven't worn yet, clothes with tags still on them!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do people steal??!?!? I have never stolen so is this karma for something? God will deal with them. This is the worst!!

Put on for my city! DMV!!

As you can see, I'm PUMPED for the NBA finals this year! My pick for finals would be OKC so KD can rep for the home front and Miami, cause I want to see Lebron and Wade get that ring together!

In the spirit of my city, DC BABES, here is Wale & Kevin Durant...the posse cut!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Future Ex-husband.....NBA finals edition

Humble, lowkey, BEAUTIFUL, loves his mama, and is a BEAST on the Hardwood....*prissy kisses* to my future Ex-husband Derrick Rose!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Celestial Nails....hooked me up!

Thanks to social networking (twitter & facebook mainly) people are able to market themselves to the masses! Anywho, on my regular "let me checkout my timelime" mode one day, I came across a retweet of some unique nail designs. Being the nail art freak that I am, I had to find out who the creative nail tech behind the designs was and it was Celeste of Celestial Nails!! Needless to say, I quickly followed her and setup appointments.....with my first being yesterday! Those are my hands in the picture, cute pic, huh?? She calls this design "Moroccan Royalty." You would not believe she freelances all her designs! Also, those are glass nails and without polish you can see right through them. Celeste specializes in traditional nail treatments, minx nails, 3D nail art, pedicures, acrylics, gels, fimo designs! She is up on all the latest nail trends, designs, polishes, finishes, and is dedicated to tailoring your nails to your personality...going as extravagant as you desire! I enjoyed getting my nails done by her; good customer service, unique designs and colors. Celeste also has a variety of pictures, books, and magazines for customers to checkout her past designs. She will draw inspiration from anything being the artist that she is. The inspiration for my design was a circle she saw on the Wendy Williams Show, and I LOVE IT! She does a little photoshoot of your nails after for her "portfolio". The talented ARTIST Celeste has been featured on Necole Bitchie's Bitchie Nails. Feel free to follow Celeste on Twitter at @Celestialnails or friend her on facebook at!!! Check her out...young, black, and in business!!
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Night Class....a short film

A very good friend of mine recently entered into the 48 hour film festival in D.C with some of his co-workers. In the festival, you're given a genre, a prop, a tag line, a character and you have to male a film within 48 hours. Their genre was horror, character was Tompkins, prop was a pencil.....I enjoyed the short film, considering they only had 48 hours! I hope you do too. Feel free to like the video on youtube! *xoxox*
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No place like happines.............

I am slowly dying, dying, dying...............that's exactly how I feel everyday when I wake up for work, realize what's needed to do for work. I think it's safe to say that if there is any feeling that is more hateful than hate itself, I feel that for my occupation!!! Before you call me, an ungrateful brat, hear me out! I'm more than grateful for employment and God knows I appreciate my paycheck *bills bills bills* but honestly every waking, breathing, energetic moment I have is spent working!!!!! Hence, the reason why I have been awol on the blogging front. I can't catch a break!

Anywho, in between appointmentS, typing reports, scheduling appointments, and correcting deficiencies in my cases, I have managed to fail my first semester classes at Georgetown! Yep, the worst thing that could happen to me right now, happened. I failed my classes when stuck between a rock and a hard place having to decide between school and work....of course my livelihood won that beef.

With all the not sleeping, relaxing, and lack of peace of mind that is running amuck in my life, I have decided I need to be the one signing the checks, determining my own fate, and creating jobs. I need to start my own brand. So, yes, with that said I have a few projects in the works. Inspired now more than ever before, I realize that I need to go after my dreams to love the life I am living instead of living. UGGGHHGHHG!!!!!!! Everytime I think about work I could snatch out my entire weave and scream to the top of my lungs...What will that prove though???

You better bet that when I leave this job i'm going to the most luxurious, remote spa retreat I can find to renew my mind....I need some intense mind reconditioning and a bottle of patron because THIS CAN'T BE LIFE!!!!