Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home alone blabbin...

My family is in Florida for a week and with no boyfriend and a slew of friends in new relationships, I'm taking in some me time! Not a bad idea, i've been looking forward to having this kind of time to myself for awhile now. At least this way I don't have the expense of a hotel. I'm enjoying space, interests, and personal "talks" with self. (NO i'm not crazy!!!!) but we all know that solitude can & will afford us the kind of clarity and peace of mind on things that other people, constant activity, and interference can't.
*Sigh* Drake's "Find Your Love" just came on...I love this song, his cd...for some reason his music reminds me of my college days, especially this song!! *smile* as I look back on memories of my journey throught that last love of mine. Everyone said there'd be a day I looked back on it and smile. I guess they were right *smile*! ANYWAYS...
This is the first time that I am the lone single chik in my circle and I wonder what that means. What is this new phase of my journey? What is God up to in me? I feel changes, maturity taking place almost daily...and maybe thats just it. Sometimes I miss the him of my most recent past, even the bad times. I miss his friendship more than any other i've said farewell to within the recent past but since that goodbye i've experienced great growth on a personal level. I'm better without my crutch (him) and I'm at a place where I can say I hope the same could be said of him.
NONETHELESS i'm still enjoying life...clubs with my girls, new restaurants every week, flirting with guys, having my pick (& most times the lack thereof) of the mens, making and enjoying $$$$$, and being me without the constant criticism of another disguised as love.
LOL!! Funny, how we always work OT to wonder whats really good with us when all the things I just named are likely precisely the reason why I am single right now. Most of my girlfriends experienced those things in college, but I didn't. I was bunned up under my boyfriend, fighting/arguing with him at a time when life was supposed to be carefree and fun!
I can dig that...I'm enjoying the hell outta it!! My college education ended a little over a year ago but we never stop learning about life. That's the beauty of this thing, this blessing!! I'm so happy and in control for the first time I own my emotions, reactions, actions, and choices. YAY me!!!

BTW, I haven't been posting often but i'm certainly making my way on the comments I see yall, keep bloggin' so I can comment!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Conversation...

we've all had it with friends, family, and people we're dating. You know, the conversation about dating and relationships...I find it particularly interesting to have those kinds of conversations with a male than female, because it's likely she's thinking what i'm already thinking and its funny to hear how men think of women, in relationships. Yesterday I finished reading Hill Harper's book...The Conversation (two years too late) but hey, late is always better than never!!!! My female followers have GOT to go pick up this book if you haven't already!!! Hill (successful actor, author, and Harvard Law grad) covers this "conversation" about how Black men and women can build loving, trusting relationships, like NOONE else!!

He talks about it all, his own relationship fears, what he thinks, and what I liked most is he got the men to open up (ALL THE WAY UP) about how they felt about their female counterparts, Black women...and ladies you know we definitely put in our two cents throughout this book....This book is honest, captivating, and so much more!! Anyone, especially anyone Black that is interested in changing their mindset about Black love or just hearing the ideas of others about why we, as people, do what we do and dont do...needs to pickup this book!!

From money, marriage, exes, kids, cheating, to relationships, looks at self, faith, health, sex and STDs, this book went IN!!!!

This book made me wish I was in a book club full of 20-something black men and women, having passionate debates at busboys about this ish....GO GET IT!!!! THEN LETS BLOG/TALK ABOUT IT!!

I LOVE BLACK MEN!!! This book helped completely understand me in the eyes of them! and made me love them and understand them even more!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's taking so long...

David Stern to call the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers out for his less than classy remarks on Lebron James??? Alot of people are disappointed about Lebron's decision to play for Miami next season, and other's are very pleased BUT the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert was waaaay out of pocket for his action and remarks.

I can't help but to think had Lebron been traded (for whatever reason) and reacted the same way as Dan Gilbert did, that he wouldve been fined, suspended or whatever else David Stern would've had up his sleeve to "discipline" him. I'm disappointed that the commissioner, who, if you know anything about the NBA, is so quick to check their players on their less than savy way has YET to publicly check Dan Gilbert on his...

NO BUENO David Stern!!!!

Lebron, as a mult-millionaire, is a corporation within himself and he made the decision that he felt was the best for his business. It's okay for the Cavs and their fans to be upset but, Dan Gilbet, the head of his own corporation, shouldve realized business is business...take the disappointment and suck it up!! Insulting Lebron's character and as a man was uncalled for....and he should be PUBLICLY checked by the commissioner on that!!
So David Stern...What's taking so long?!?!?!?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning tea...

The questions i'm asking my fab followers this morning are:

Would you relocate for love?? Under what circumstances would you move for love? Does it matter where you'd have to move??
Ladies, do you feel like the man should be the one to relocate?

I'm seeing this gentleman that i've known for quite sometime **squeals & bats eyelashes** (I LIKE HIM), so this question is the result of a personal thought "would I ever relocate for love?"

I think I would actually, with no problem, although I prefer the city over the bluegrass fields of Kentucky...i'd relocate as a result of matters of the heart.