Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning tea...

The questions i'm asking my fab followers this morning are:

Would you relocate for love?? Under what circumstances would you move for love? Does it matter where you'd have to move??
Ladies, do you feel like the man should be the one to relocate?

I'm seeing this gentleman that i've known for quite sometime **squeals & bats eyelashes** (I LIKE HIM), so this question is the result of a personal thought "would I ever relocate for love?"

I think I would actually, with no problem, although I prefer the city over the bluegrass fields of Kentucky...i'd relocate as a result of matters of the heart.


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sunshinestar110 said...

Yes I would definitely move for love but it can't be we just been together for a year type love. I'm talking about we have made this thing work and marriage is in the near future kind of love. It really doesn't matter where i need to from Alaska to south Africa if we are in love it would have no bound or cut off for places to live.I personally wouldn't mind moving to him especially if he is well into his career and making good money...some times leaving all of that is not an option so if that was the case i would come to him but i would hope if it was me well into my career and making good money and moving wasn't in the cards he would come to be with me.