Monday, December 27, 2010

Quote of the night!

Friendship: A building contract you sign
with laughter and break with tears.
I chose this quote because i describes an interesting facet of my life from this year. I have realized that some friendships, new and old, are not meant to be permanent but to simply serve their purpose. A couple of friendships, I am still on the fence about and well, I will let those ride out and see where they go...meanwhile, I have been meeting some interesting people...all are different but all are like me. I like making friends but I love those friendships that prove worthy and stand the test of time. In a moment of trial and error, one may realize that those with the dearest of titles, are the least worthy and should be the least vital.

*TOAST* to wonderful friendships, the family members we get to pick!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quote of the night!

You're the only one that can make the difference! Whatever your dream is, go for it!
~Erving Magic Johnson~

Not only is Magic Johnson a legendary basketball star but he is an ubersuccessful business man with ventures like the Los Angeles Lakers, Starbucks, AMC Magic Theaters, and the list goes on. I don't mind taking this advice from him and God knows I need such advice. I have slept on my ideas for too long....

That's not why we get ideas.

We get ideas so that we can bring them to fruition. What Magic is saying is that we must become the change we want to see, otherwise, why complain? ACT and ACT now because there is no time like the present to to put your spin on something, make something better, or like Magic said, make a difference!

All we ever have is today and today we can set goals for tomorrow but we can diligently work on them today!!!!! GO FOR IT!!!

The year ahead my optimism...what's next?

With the holiday season winding down, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!! I should recognize Kwanzaa this year. Amazing how that's never really caught on as one of the mainstream annual events in the African American community. However, pretty common to us all is the ensuing NEW YEAR! That's right we've made it through 2010 and have been blessed enough to make it to the end of the year to bid farewell to 2010 and usher in 2011.
I love the new year mostly because I love the allure of the unknown. Like children that just can't go to sleep on Christmas eve wondering what Santa will bring for them on Christmas morning, I believe, as adults, New Years Eve is our "Christmas" so to speak a mystery for us to solve over the next 365 days but a story for us to write all our own. Every new year, I wonder who will I meet, where will I go, what or who will make me cry, and who or what will make me smile in the upcoming year....It's exciting! This year I'm lookin forward to;

1. Starting my own business: YES! There is no time like the present and procrastination is the enemy! I'm gonna step out on a limb in 2011 and see my dream come true. So far all looks promising. Step 1, apply for my business license and register the name. I need to pick a name. I'm down to three.

2. I want to do more of ALL of those things that I enjoy in 2011 whether I have a partner in crime or not! Horseback riding, pole dancing, a mini trip or two, hot yoga, I don't even know what else but I have realized that I don't need to have anyone with me to do what I want, soooo whatever it is...imma go for it! I want to have more fun even if it's alone!

3. CHURCH!! I fell off in 2010 and simply put, I have to do better. I will be there in 2011 for Sunday service, Bible Study, and tithing. There really is no excuse for my absenteeism...NONE!

4. I'm going to guard my heart more starting in 2011 and be more real to myself! Quality should always trump quantity and while I have plenty of "friends" around me, I have been forced to realize via unfortunate situations that my friendship is no reciprocated with some, loyalty isn't as important to others as it is me and while that's fine, I will guard my heart in that regard.

5. Okay, okay, so do not and I repeat DO NOT judge me with this next one, but I do want to get in tip top shape in the new year. I love the gym I go to but honestly, it's these RATCHED eating habits I need to get in check.

6. SAVINGS! SAVINGS! SAVINGS! I will do more that in 2011, I mean honestly...i'm horrible with money sometimes...I could have a mansion or that beautiful Jaguar XJ if I wasn't so careless with my spending...smh! Imma do it and I can't wait to see the accumulation on NYE 2011!!!

So that's my New Years Goal list! I'm gonna stick to it too checking back periodically to check my progress, and then again at the end of the year to prayerfully check everything off!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quote of the night*

The BEST Christmas of all is the presence of a
HAPPY family all wrapped up with one another!

With that said I hope everyone is warm, happy, healthy surrounded by the ones they cherish the most. For many of us, family is the most constant force in our lives. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else than here at home with my family, especially my siblings. I love the holiday season. Embrace the true meaning of the holiday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIST!!! Smile, love, and create memories with your families!!!

Merry Christmas Eve...#6

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorites...Christmas edition

Kinda bored...going to the gym soon but that's neither here nor there. I just felt like doing a Christmas edition of my favorite things:

My favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone 2...imma late 80s/90s baby
Favorite Christmas Song: Silent Night
Favortie Pop Christmas song: Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You"
Favorite Christmas Custom: Christmas tree decorating...brings the fam together
Favorite Christmas gift: The laptop i'm typing on now & my tennis bracelet
Favorite Christmas memory: My dad dressing up like Santa & giving our gifts
Fav Christmas gift I wish
I still had: My custom built doll dad accidentally threw it out
What I hope for this
Christmas: Snow, peace, happy/healthy how things change as
grow older

Give Love on Christmas Day #5

So the Jacksons were Jehovah Witnesses but they made some of the BEST Christmas holiday music at Motown!! I just love the sound of young Michael Jackson's voice! AWWWW...HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

Quote of the night...

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually
be afraid you will make one!!!
~Elbert Hubbard~

You can't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are the BEAUTIFUL evidence of trying!! Not to mention that some of the best inventions, ideas, successful businesses, and relationships were MISTAKES!! Someone screwed up, didn't mean to do, write, say, go there BUT, THEY DID!! So while you're dreaming and backing those dreams with action...embrace your mistakes! If nothing else you'll learn from it and think, become, and do better!!! NO failure in mistakes only lessons!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quote of the night!

"If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on, in spite of it all. And so today, I still have a dream"
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.~
Enable everyday to allow you to become close to your dreams coming to fruition by NEVER settling!!! Discontent? Restless? Experiencing a lack of peace? Turn that negative energy positive with drive and ambition to live the life you love in order to LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!!! This is your only chance...**Smile*Hug*Kiss*LIVE*

Monday, December 20, 2010


This song is extremely remiscent of my childhood, the smell of my mom baking holiday treats, and the sight of decorations around the house, along with presents under the tree! This became one of my favorites & who doesn't love the Jackson 5!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING...MICHAEL!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Halfway in and wanting out...

Going on two years!! We play tug of war, cat & mouse with each other's emotions...I know I can't handle it, im only falling in more, the distance is the enemy but he could, if he wanted to, do so much more...

Welcome to my inner thoughts, well, as they pertain to HIM anyway! This is stupid! Who allows themself to begin falling for someone 200+ miles away!?!!? BUT, when I say he's THAT GUY, he really is THAT GUY; handsome, tall (6'3"), intelligent, gainfully employed, single, no children, senses of humor, athletic...............................all but he's NOT HERE!!! WTf!

I mean I like this guy, really like this one...we have history too but something is missing! I want pampering, catering and he's just not giving that. I'm stuck between wanting to ride this out (have fun, see where it goes), just being his friend, and well, being NEITHER! When Deborah & R.L sang "We can't be friends" they were definitely singing about us. WE CAN'T! We try and we suck at it because there is something there but for the life of me, I can't figure out if he is worth finding out what that is...*sigh*. I WANT OUT!! This is way too confusing, I mean I could love him one day but I don't want to....ugh!!

I hate not getting what I want & this has definitely been a challenge: a stupid hormone filled one...Excuses my venting!!!!!

Favorite Christmas Song #3

Friday, December 17, 2010

woes of the dating girl..single woman blues

Cruising a popular online forum for bloggers, I came across a thread posted by a young woman that read something like help me figure out what's wrong with me, i'm trying to find Mr.Right!
My question is, does Mr.Right and Mrs.Right actually exist or is there just Mr. & Mrs. Good Enough? What constitutes someone as "Right" and is that purely personal to the seeker of love? Furthermore, is monogamy a thing of the past?
I ask because everyone seems to just be kickin' it, "talking", chillin', and doing them. I hear very few people, young and old alike, actually taking steps to be with one another exclusively to learn and embrace growing in love together. What's up with that? I mean we're closer than we've ever been before right, with blogger, twitter, facebook, bbm, email, myspace, skype, messenger, text messages, etc. The list just goooooes!! With all of the these social mediums to meet, interact, and get acquainted with one another, why does it seem, and I stress SEEM because I have not studied this or anything, that healthy, monogamous, relationships of substance are so few and far in between?? I mean I'm not even talking about marriage, that's another can of worms. I'm simply speaking of exclusive courtships, RELATIONSHIPS between two people. It seems like everyone is scared to man or woman up and put both feet in for fear of getting GOT so we continue to "play the game", or making sure we get them before they "GET" us....but why??? How come monogamy seems to have such a bad rap? How can that be overcome? and have the barriers, whatever they may be, that are preventing healthy, loving relationships, long relationships always been there, but because of the forementioned social mediums they're ever so noticeable?

I mean really? She was, at least as it relates to looks, a perfectly attractive woman...has it really come to women taking to social networks on the world wide web to find love or a worthy date???

All I want for Christmas...favorite #2

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite CHRISTmas songs...#1

In the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to post my top 7 favorite Christmas songs in the week leading up to the holiday!!! A huge Destiny Child, Beyonce fan, this is definitely one of them!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY FOLLOWERS!!!! I love this time of year! Who doesn't like being surrounded by family, enjoy the heartwarming fragrances of pine, mint, apple, and the aroma of delicious holiday fare?!?!

Honestly, I look forward to it all year. This year I'm not very excited for the Christmas shopping part though. NOooo I'm not being a scrooge no grinch attitude here, and i'm not cheap I just want to give deeper this year, things from the heart, creative, personal to the receiver. I want to make a difference, lasting impact on someone's holiday season. All of us have gotten store bought gifts and while we love those, I'm just curious about the more creative, personal, maybe homemade, sentimental gifts are that you all have received or WOULD LIKE TO receive....
Please share...!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm 23 now!!!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and i had a blast doing whatever I wanted. It was more lowkey thN previous birthdays but it was one that allowed me to reflect Nd recogmize my growth as a young woman.....

Now to close out the year.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm not sure which of you went to see the long anticipated film this past weekend but I certainly made an event of it with my baby sister, mother, auntie (whose expecting her first...YAY!!), and my grandmother after dinner at Maggianos!

I was excited to see the film but the movie disappointed me :( a great deal, sadly.

Reason being, and please don't shoot me loyal Tyler Perryans...i'm one too. I didn't think the film accurately captured the essence of the delight and plight that being a "colored" woman exudes.
GRANT IT, I did not read the book nor have I seen the play although the film does have me anxious to get my paws on them both. I felt the film captured the common struggles of women across all income, and racial lines. With the exception, of Janet's character, I don't think any issues that were unique to "colored" women, black women were depicted. ALL sexually active teen girls risk facing the scary reality of an unplanned pregnancy, lots of wives/women of crazed veterens/addicts are abused, many women are sex and attention deprived, etc. Instead I feel that if a colored woman's story was to be told, then it should have captured; how our men can't get jobs because they're black NOT veteren and alcoholic, in fact, some have not a thing wrong with them. It could have focused more on how our women are up against this still newly discovered culture of the "down low" brother because of our community's homophobia and our men's fear of being found out or labeled a sissy if they are with other men, it could have captured the absense of the effects of a successful father figure in the house of our many single mother households and those households that are thriving against the odds for lack of resources, education and the abundance of poverty in our community, our overly sexualized public personas that say nothing about our strength, legacy, and journey, etc.
I simply thought the movie did a great job of depicting issues relateable BY ALL women NOT just "colored" women. While that's not a bad thing but a great thing...the movie was for COLORED girls and we do really have our own set of issues that are purely unique to US!!!!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY, it could have captured how much WE SIMPLY ROCK!!!!!!


Unplanned pregnancy...No Excuses anymore, right?

Ladies would you use this??? What, if anything, do you think about this?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I swear....

Chrisette could play Tammi Terrell...
I really miss being able to update my blog regularly! My new job has not left much time for me to do anything else but it...not complaining, just venting. If you can separate the two. I got some free time now so I figured I'd peruse the site and see how its going for my followers and my favorite blogs. So, yes Moscato and Blogger on deck!!!!!!! My me time for the, i'm serious.

I'm actually browsing the net altogether; looking at halloween costumes and btw, for anyone looking, I typically get mine from that site, to me, has the best costumes!!! I shop there all year round *wink* and looking at hotels in Atlanta, which is where I will be celebrating my 23rd birthday Ursher and the Panty droppa will help me!!! YUP (in my trey songz voice)! I got tix to the Atlanta show and don't have a soul to go with so imma play that one by ear!!

So, readers, what are you all contemplating being, if anything, for Halloween this year? AND i'm late BUT what in the ham sandwich is goin on down there in Atlanta with New Birth Baptist....what do you think about the recent allegations against the Bishop Eddie Long??? I feel so bad for the members of this congregation, the Bishop, and the guys accusing the bishop (to an extent)...don't judge me!!

....I just remembered I have a blogger app on my Evo!!!!!!! Maybe I will try blogging on the go now. My job does have me meeting some uberinteresting people and going to even better places!!!!! Yea, imma try that, so yall look out for interesting pictures of my super-uber-busy life now....UGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me stop, it could be worse. Like, I could be unemployed!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Northern Swag v. Southern Charm

LADIES!!! I'm from the DMV that's the D.C, Maryland, Virginia area for those that don't know! Born and raised in the sexy nation's capitol!!!! To some i'm from the north, to others i'm what they call a southern belle and to others I fall right in between living here. However, my question is to the ladies....
When it comes to men, I always find myself drawn to the confidence, swag (yea i hate the word too), walk, accent, style, and flava of a guy from up top...most notably The Empire and Garden States (that's New York and New Jersey)...I like them, the slang, the cockiness, and perceived rudeness, the way they rock a fitted, and call you ma!!!!!!!!!
I'm aware that some ladies prefer a man south of the mason dixon...we call them, well, the worthy ones, Southern Gentleman. They're handy, can fix you a good meal, likely open all your doors, court you the old fashioned way (flowers, romance, walks). To me, they tend to be softer, gentler, and sweeter....even the "hard" ones....they're a good look too.
However, I have a preference so I was wondering if my readers/followers did too????? What's your preference Lovin' from up top OR a good ol' southern gentleman?!?!?!?!? NORTH OR SOUTH???

We make our plans...

and God does sit back and laughs his behind off at us!!! Remember how I said I was so gung-ho about going to Georgetown for Paralegal Studies??? Well, yea, I got in, registered for classes BUT had to drop them as the reality of my new work schedule laughed in my face!! NO room for school!! I just started a new position, to put it plainly, as an investigator for the feds....EXCITING!!! I am excited but WHYYYY...does it have to be at the expense of my going to school??? I promise it took alot out of me to drop my classes! However i'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason though...

While going through the security clearance process, I had no idea the new job would call me with a start date exactly ONE (1) day before my classes were scheduled to start at Georgetown!! Training for the new position is approximately 5-6 weeks and we're in week 2!!! Classes were for 13 weeks but given the strict attendance policy and the mandatory flexibility of the new gig, I figured i'd drop the classes and pick them back up next semester when I had more of a handle on my job. Great thing is, I will be working from home!!! *SCORE*

*tears*sigh*shrugOFrelief* I'm sad because i had a map of goals and a plan to be at a certain point by next fall but lets be honest I was going to be paying for my classes out of pocket and my sound mind checked the foolishness at the wouldve been a waste of about $3000 this semester had I tried to "stick it out"....just isn't possible right now!

All in all, between leaving a job (my first after college *tear*), starting a new one, learning the new one, and being available for shadow and on the job training...there was no room for school. I have been running around like a beheaded chicken!!!!!!! Not to mention my car has been having b!tchfits every other day!! There just hasn't been enough time in the day for me!!! I'm overwhelmed, my social life is temporarily awol, and I want to smile and cry....HELP!!! I MISSED MY BLOG THOUGH!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WHAT I MISS??????????


Friday, August 6, 2010

UGH...Bravo punk'd us!!!!

OMG! The long awaited Real Housewives of DC premiered last night and the debut was *sigh* waaay less than spectacular!!!! Disappointing to say the least!

I'm a fan...die hard...of the Real Housewives series; Orange County, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta and thought I would be when/if the series landed in my own backyard but i'm not enthused...anymore anyway. The show was BORINGGGG!!!!!!!!!! I literally spent the entire hour trying not to go to sleep in fear that i would miss the excitement/worthiness when it finally occured. Yea, it's safe to say Bravo dropped the ball on this one!

We all knew the cast was predominately white EVEN THOUGH the DMV is a mixing bowl of cultures and ethnicities...they repped us (one black woman) for fear we'd probably boycot the rest of the shows....which we would've. But forreal Bravo??? Even in a city as conservative as Washington, DC, I know there were more interesting ladies than this bunch to choose from??? and the lady from the UK...what's up with that? Can we have all citizens on the show please???? UGH..this was a bust and I hate that my city, my region looks as if it'll be the most boring of season...when in fact, everyone knows there is soo much going on here in Washington, DC...

I'm disappointed!!! HORRIBLE representation of Washington, DC but given how conservative DC is, maybe, MAYBE these women were the creme of the crop of who ACTUALLY went out for the show. Many people here have political, powerful, and influential aspirations and may have not went out for it for those reason BUT come on!!! Between all the judges, athletes, professors, regular people, politicians, professional people we have here this is what Bravo ended up with....??????????????

Chocolate City is the city of power, politics, money, scandal, back biting a more diverse group of women would've made this more interesting!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home alone blabbin...

My family is in Florida for a week and with no boyfriend and a slew of friends in new relationships, I'm taking in some me time! Not a bad idea, i've been looking forward to having this kind of time to myself for awhile now. At least this way I don't have the expense of a hotel. I'm enjoying space, interests, and personal "talks" with self. (NO i'm not crazy!!!!) but we all know that solitude can & will afford us the kind of clarity and peace of mind on things that other people, constant activity, and interference can't.
*Sigh* Drake's "Find Your Love" just came on...I love this song, his cd...for some reason his music reminds me of my college days, especially this song!! *smile* as I look back on memories of my journey throught that last love of mine. Everyone said there'd be a day I looked back on it and smile. I guess they were right *smile*! ANYWAYS...
This is the first time that I am the lone single chik in my circle and I wonder what that means. What is this new phase of my journey? What is God up to in me? I feel changes, maturity taking place almost daily...and maybe thats just it. Sometimes I miss the him of my most recent past, even the bad times. I miss his friendship more than any other i've said farewell to within the recent past but since that goodbye i've experienced great growth on a personal level. I'm better without my crutch (him) and I'm at a place where I can say I hope the same could be said of him.
NONETHELESS i'm still enjoying life...clubs with my girls, new restaurants every week, flirting with guys, having my pick (& most times the lack thereof) of the mens, making and enjoying $$$$$, and being me without the constant criticism of another disguised as love.
LOL!! Funny, how we always work OT to wonder whats really good with us when all the things I just named are likely precisely the reason why I am single right now. Most of my girlfriends experienced those things in college, but I didn't. I was bunned up under my boyfriend, fighting/arguing with him at a time when life was supposed to be carefree and fun!
I can dig that...I'm enjoying the hell outta it!! My college education ended a little over a year ago but we never stop learning about life. That's the beauty of this thing, this blessing!! I'm so happy and in control for the first time I own my emotions, reactions, actions, and choices. YAY me!!!

BTW, I haven't been posting often but i'm certainly making my way on the comments I see yall, keep bloggin' so I can comment!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Conversation...

we've all had it with friends, family, and people we're dating. You know, the conversation about dating and relationships...I find it particularly interesting to have those kinds of conversations with a male than female, because it's likely she's thinking what i'm already thinking and its funny to hear how men think of women, in relationships. Yesterday I finished reading Hill Harper's book...The Conversation (two years too late) but hey, late is always better than never!!!! My female followers have GOT to go pick up this book if you haven't already!!! Hill (successful actor, author, and Harvard Law grad) covers this "conversation" about how Black men and women can build loving, trusting relationships, like NOONE else!!

He talks about it all, his own relationship fears, what he thinks, and what I liked most is he got the men to open up (ALL THE WAY UP) about how they felt about their female counterparts, Black women...and ladies you know we definitely put in our two cents throughout this book....This book is honest, captivating, and so much more!! Anyone, especially anyone Black that is interested in changing their mindset about Black love or just hearing the ideas of others about why we, as people, do what we do and dont do...needs to pickup this book!!

From money, marriage, exes, kids, cheating, to relationships, looks at self, faith, health, sex and STDs, this book went IN!!!!

This book made me wish I was in a book club full of 20-something black men and women, having passionate debates at busboys about this ish....GO GET IT!!!! THEN LETS BLOG/TALK ABOUT IT!!

I LOVE BLACK MEN!!! This book helped completely understand me in the eyes of them! and made me love them and understand them even more!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's taking so long...

David Stern to call the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers out for his less than classy remarks on Lebron James??? Alot of people are disappointed about Lebron's decision to play for Miami next season, and other's are very pleased BUT the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert was waaaay out of pocket for his action and remarks.

I can't help but to think had Lebron been traded (for whatever reason) and reacted the same way as Dan Gilbert did, that he wouldve been fined, suspended or whatever else David Stern would've had up his sleeve to "discipline" him. I'm disappointed that the commissioner, who, if you know anything about the NBA, is so quick to check their players on their less than savy way has YET to publicly check Dan Gilbert on his...

NO BUENO David Stern!!!!

Lebron, as a mult-millionaire, is a corporation within himself and he made the decision that he felt was the best for his business. It's okay for the Cavs and their fans to be upset but, Dan Gilbet, the head of his own corporation, shouldve realized business is business...take the disappointment and suck it up!! Insulting Lebron's character and as a man was uncalled for....and he should be PUBLICLY checked by the commissioner on that!!
So David Stern...What's taking so long?!?!?!?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning tea...

The questions i'm asking my fab followers this morning are:

Would you relocate for love?? Under what circumstances would you move for love? Does it matter where you'd have to move??
Ladies, do you feel like the man should be the one to relocate?

I'm seeing this gentleman that i've known for quite sometime **squeals & bats eyelashes** (I LIKE HIM), so this question is the result of a personal thought "would I ever relocate for love?"

I think I would actually, with no problem, although I prefer the city over the bluegrass fields of Kentucky...i'd relocate as a result of matters of the heart.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ever wonder...

if President Obama is really our first Black president??? This morning before I left to battle DC's morning traffic, I was home watching The President's on the History channel and that question popped up in my head and sparked my curiosity. I'm sure we'll never really know the answer. I mean almost everything we view, read, hear as Americans is censored (yes...gotta love those 1st amendment rights...pun intended)!!

Just think about it. The 3rd President of the United States' Thomas Jefferson's affair with beautiful slave Sally Hemming, supposedly resulted in at least one son, named after the president that "passed" as, well, white. He left his mom and siblings to embark upon a life of privilege...the life that his fair skin, fine hair and light eyes afforded him. How do we know this isn't the case for any of our former presidents???

I mean sure Obama has the swagger, tone, skin of an African American man and due to our modern, more sophisticated methods of record keeping, etc...we KNOW he's biracial. However, NOTHING in America is absolutely "pure". The way I see it every race represented in this country has dipped in the other's butter at some point in time....& Barack Obama is only our first visibly black president! He's certainly not the first. I think it's impossible that he is...

What do you think???!??

Friday, June 25, 2010

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope.
In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”
~Michael Jackson~

I don't know about my blog family but I will be celebrating the life and work of the greatest entertainer/musician ever today as we remember his sudden death one year ago.

M.J was one of the greatest inspirations!! My heart always was sad for him because he never truly looked happy and I wonder did he ever, fully become acquainted with real love and inner peace. Something tells me that he didn't here but all is well now. With that my heart and face smile for him as I dance and have it up today to all of his hits!!! Best believe I will hit up some bar/club tonight and party it up to the KING!!!!!!

Remember him all, if even just for his work!!! The above quote is one of many said by M.J but let that also inspire you to be better today; open minded, hopeful, loving, inspiring, ignited, and trustworthy and simply put...GOOD!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bond 45...

If you've been to the National Harbor within the past month then you are aware of the new Italian Steakhouse that opened there May 1st by the name of Bond 45. I didn't try it until this past Friday night...dinner with my mom!!

I was impressed, I mean IMPRESSED with the level of customer service we received from the moment we walked in the door at this place. Considering the fact that the place just opened May 1st, i'm sure this is to lure first time customers into regular diners, but I was pleased and would hope that Bond 45 will keep this up in their new Maryland location. There is another Bond 45 location in New York. I'm kind of interested to see how the two locations compare with one another. Maybe i'll checkout the New York location when I visit later this month.

Anywho, I had a good time at Bond 45 with my mom...the setting is perfect; dim lighting, walk through kitchen, right off the water, and my waiter was a huge help when it came to my deciding on what to eat for dinner. My mom, an avid steak lover, settled on the 14oz. New York Strip. I, on the other hand, got what they called their "Crab steak." It's actually just two jumbo lump crabcakes shaped in the form of a steak...not too left field, just shaped differently!!

My waiter suggested I get the crab steak with a side of grilled shrimp and scampi sauce. He poured the shrimp and sauce over my food and for a seafood/shellfish lover this was PERFECTION!!!! The meal was a great way to top off a great Friday.

All the sides at Bond 45 are served family style. Mom and I chose the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli Rabe. The Mashed Potatoes were a hit but the Broccoli not so much with me. It had a charred taste that I didn't care for.

All in all we had a great time, and I did order the Tiramisu (my weakness anywhere) for dessert!!!

I will pay Bond 45 a visit again and order the Lobster stuffed with shrimp and crab, roasted red potatoes....

Unlike the last restaurant I reviewed, Co Co Sala, Bond 45 is an Italian restaurant so if you decide to pay them a visit bring your appetite and a loaded wallet the fair isn't cheap!! However, I found it to be well worth the $$$....Bond 45 @ National Harbor!!!

The URL to Bond 45's website is:
They're website says they're hiring too!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Black Coffee no sugar....or cream??? REALLY??

Sunshine from (CHECK HER OUT) is doing this at least one post a day for the month of June and I said I'd try it too, but clearly I defaulted this weekend. I was so wrapped up this weekend that I didn't have time to blog...sorry??

It's Monday morning and with every Monday morning comes a new beginning...but today I want to talk about interracial marriages.
  • What is your take on them?

  • Would you consider marrying outside of your race?

  • Have you dated outside of your race??

  • What do you think your family would feel about you deciding to marry outside of your race??
I got into the office this morning and as usual decided to check CNN's website in an effort to stay up on what's going on and found an article that sparked my interest about interraccial marriages. The article highlighted the fact that interracial marriages are at an all time high in the United States. I mean, this really isn't a huge surprise given this nation's history on race relations, but to me it was a pleasant surprise. The statistics state that interracial marriages comprise approximately 15% of marriages (not staggering but illustrates improvement)

Personally, I don't discriminate. Attractive, charming, romantic, and intelligent is becoming no matter what the color of the outside is, but there are some in my social circle that feel otherwise...that even in 2010, everyone should romantically/sexually mix with their "own kind"
It's 2010, the President is biracial, interracial dating is not as taboo as it once was, we live in an integrated society SO WHAT'S THE PROBLEM??? In my opinion, with the odds being you're gonna get divorced anyway (hopefully not, but let's be real), why not explore ALL the available options & maximize on real, everlasting love as much as possible???

Isn't it time that as a nation we start ONLY viewing and appreciating the bond, love, and happiness between two people as opposed to their seemingly cultural differences and racial background?? When you think about all those components, is it, race, really important?

I'm asking because I have friends who become way too involved and angered that a famous Black man is dating a nonblack woman (now being called the Kardashian Effect) and vice versa with the guys....

Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson caught heat last week because, reportedly, he eliminated all the Black women from his VH1 dating show (supposedly) is that wrong if that is his preferance? If the person or women he liked the most happened to not be Black? Should men/women put aside their REAL feelings for the sake of "keeping it all black/white" or whatever???

Is it wrong to prefer a mate that is not of your same racial makeup???

There was once a time that interracial dating/marriages were illegal and the choice was nonexistenet to date outside of one's race or not. Sometimes I think that some of my friends and family members would still prefer for our society to still be like that as a result of their comments...I think interracial couples are the most beautiful!! The intergration of different cultures to me is beautiful and the children that are raised as products of that interracial, rule breaking love are more beautiful....

However, I know not everyone shares my views and that's fine...Bloggers what's your take??

Friday, June 4, 2010

When it's over...

between you and an ex, do you mind if your ex still keep in touch with your family/friends??? Do you expect your ex to breakup with your entire personal environment (your hangouts, family, friends) when you breakup with them?? What boundaries or aspects of your life, do you mind your ex lover to not cross or show face in after your flame has died out???

My two co-workers and I often chat about specific situations in which you or someone you're close with interacts with your old flame and whether it's boundary crossing or not, and our opinions are very varied so I wanted to get my readers opinions on this....

Is it cool??? or when it's over is everything that came with you, over for them too????

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lacquer happy...

Have any of my readers ever been to Sassy Nails in Takoma Park, DC??? I'm just checking because I did a post on that place awhile back because I was gonna throw my birthday party there. I'd decided on another option and thus never went, supposed to have tried their minks or a martini pedicure....

If you've been let me know....I'm seriously considering going today!!
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U movin' with ya uncle & aunt to Bel-Air...

This post may only be for me but as I get older I think about things more. I look for the meanings or implications that may not be so up front and in your face. The other day while watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, I realized just how much of an effect pop culture has on our evolution as human beings.

We all know the story of Will Smith the "hood" boy that was battling the pressures and sometimes difficulties of urban life in West Philadelphia, whose mom sent him to live in Bel-Air, California (affluent community) to live with his Princeton University educated, Juris Doctor holding Uncle Phil and artsy, Professor Auntie Vivian....

Now, that i'm older I can appreciate the contribution that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has made to the African American community by just using imagery & positive images.

Quincy Jones' show starring Will Smith depicted the life of well known entertainment manager Benny Medina (manages Tyra Banks along with others) an era of gangsta rap, word to ya motha, hip hop beefs and a lack of political influence by African Americans and young people in the United States.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air illustrated that we can be just as affluent, educated as the next person or race for that matter.

As we already know, that lack of political influence would one day come to a head and change November 2008 with the election of our present President Barack H. Obama & thank GOD it did!!

Think about the MANY shots of the house that Will lived in with his family in Bel-Air...that house was, in the early to mid 90s, a big thing to those in the Black community that didn't frequently see people that look like them in a house so "massive" although it is a regular occurence now. It also, from the outside shots, sort of favored the White House to me, our beloved Executive Mansion.

To me, while looking at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the other day with my older, more aware mind, the images of that house meant something more than that is the house Will lived in with Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv, and cousins Hillary, Carlton and reminded me that WE (young people and the Black Community) HAVE ARRIVED!!

Through images, Quincy Jones produced a work that told us we can earn an Ivy League education, hold professional degrees and jobs, have successful marriages, well rounded children, AND occupy the most famous address in our nation, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!

That epiphany re-inspired me to be all that I originally set out to be, chase my full potential, and seek to convey a message to Black America's youth, that WE HAVE ARRIVED and that ANYTHING we want already IS OURS for the EARNING!!!!

Each one of us are the cream of our crop, so realize and sit back and enjoy the reaping of your harvest.....YOU HAVE ARRIVED! FOLLOW YOUR HEART TO PEACE, HAPPINESS, PURPOSE AND ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"May the best of your todays
be the worst of your tomorrows"
*Shaun JayZ Carter*

Strive to make your today better than your yesterday even if that means choosing to be in a better mood today than you were yesterday. Whatever we focus on in our lives WILL flourish!! So, don't give energy to controversy, negativity and ill-intentions.

do something different,
be thankful for what IS,
realize it can always be worst,

and be thankful to be alive BECAUSE someone,
somewhere did not wake up this morning with what you have or what you have to offer the world if they awakened at all!!!!!!!
You ARE for a very SPECIFIC reason,
trod on the road to realizing it happily!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Chocolate Lover's DREAM....

Last week the sexxy sequal Sex and the City 2 premiered and like women everywhere, I took the opportunity to participate in an unforgetable girls' night out with my ladies!!! We started the evening indulging in chocolate at a local chocolatier/restaurant, viewed the movie, and topped it off with dinner at the nearby Legal Seafood. The movie and dinner were both GREAT btw, but that is the least of this post!!!

Before the movie my girlfriends and I met to have pre-movie lunch, drinks and dessert at the local Chocolate restuarant and lounge CoCo Sala (located @ 9th & Fstreet NW, D.C)....this place is HOTT & a must try if you are in the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) anytime soon!!! It prides itself on its chocolate (which is made in house), trendy atmosphere, and Signature Cocktails...

It was the bestii'' and mine second time visiting this restaurant. The first time we went was on a Saturday evening and the ambiance was slightly more invigorating with the lowered lights, handsome bartenders, monitors displaying romantic and chocolate images, HOTNESS!!!

Between my first and second times trying CoCo Sala, I had the opportunity to try a few of their menu staples including the; CoCojito (Mojito served with Chocolate infused vodka, mint leaves and topped with flakes of dark chocolate), the Gingerly (among the sweetest of their drinks, topped with a frozen, chocolate covered banana) and their signature Rose' Champagne "Sex", which, in actuality is Rose' with a swirl of chocolate served at the bottom of the flute...Sex is also served with a number of their signature desserts like the White & Milk Chocolate covered strawberries we had that was served with a pipette filled with the champagne. The purpose? You inject the champagne before biting into the fruit for an explosion of chocolate/strawberry/champagne bliss!!!

BTW, I can't wait to have their Chocolate Cupcake Chaser; If having this signature dessert, one chooses the liquor they'd like to inject into the cake before eating....**details ASAP when I try this**


If dampening your pallette isn't the only thing up your sleeve then, as far as the food goes, I would suggest the crabcake which, of course, is served with a delicious line of chocolate on the side and a side salad, and the Shrimp Mac & Cheese (BOMB.COM BTW)!!!!! Also, per my first time at CoCo Sala I picked up that their Churos are quite delish as well! It seemed like everyone was ordering the pastry which is served with a side of Dulce de leche (lol, spell check).

Overall, I liked the place...I had great service, my taste buds are thankful for the experience and I will be going back to this place SOON!!!

WARNING!!! If you're looking to get FULL during your visit to CoCo Sala then think again or be prepared to shell out more money than planned as the portions at the place are tiny.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memories from a summer's past...

This past Sunday afternoon, I was driving to the movie theater in Bowie to take my sister to see Shrek (yes, I used her as a pawn)...truthfully, I couldn't wait until the movie came out to see it myself!! Anywho, so it was one of those rare occasions where I was listening to the radio instead of Monica's latest or FatBellyBella...and Plies' "Shawty" started to play on the radio. I was instantly taken back 3 years ago to a summer, that for me, was a bittersweet, vulnerable time in my young life. I was open that summer, filled with emotions, dealing with the WORST breakup...BUT experiencing one of the truest yet rare moments in time in regards to friendship.

I remembered my "friend" the one I cried, smiled, laughed, talked, partied, worked and GREW with that summer....Summer 2007! We were meant to be friends for that specific period of time. Where does Plies' song "Shawty" fit in with all this??? Well, it's long and complicated. However, hearing it on the radio the other day solidified for me that there was a point in time that our friendship was pure, we coached each other, held each other and cried together!! She's 5 years my senior and although we're not friends anymore, I look back at that time when we were friends...closer than ever and I shed a tear and can't help but to smile...

With that said I wish you (although you may never read this) ALL the best!!! I heard through the Hawk Alum grapevine that The Princess finally got her Prince, and I want to say that although no longer spirit is happy for you both. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question of the day...

If youre still friends with an ex flame/boyfriend/girlfriend whatever...would you invite them to your wedding or disregard the friendship for fear that your more than steamy past would upset your fiance?


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010


I got accepted to Georgetown University for the Paralegal Studies program inside their School of Continuing Studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've known for awhile now but haven't had time to really let my blog fam know!! It's been about 2 weeks since I officially found out but i'm still just as happy!!!
Life is great & i'm Blessed!!! Living exactly how I said I would and trust; there were plenty that said "is that what you think life after college is like?" "You have to crawl before you walk, pay your dues"
That might all be true BUT don'tlet anyone set their stipulations and limitations on YOU!!! Your crawl, struggle, and dues will not be like theirs. You are unique and therefore everything associated with you is too....PICTURE IT,CLAIM IT & SEIZE IT!!

What do my readers think....

about the other woman? In recent months i've read a few posts about cheating and how people felt about the act in the wake of the Tiger Woods "scandal" but what do you all think about the other woman? Do we blame her solely, if at all? In the celebrity world, quite a few couples have been gettin' it in, doin' the grown up and one party isn't completely single...usually separated officially or unofficially from a husband or wife. Some I can think of off the top of my head are Swizz Beatz of course, Dewayne Wade, Shaunie O'neal. Do you think that it is wrong for not yet divorced man or woman to move on romantically? Does it matter if they have kids or not? I'm just wondering what my readers think of these things. I know my feelings and will remain objective until I hear your thoughts but there it is bloggers; What do you think??? ''
Also, is there ever really true love and trust after cheating? I believe in forgiveness whether you choose to take him or her back regardless BUT are both compononents (love & trust) ever really restored in said relationship???


Friday, April 23, 2010

Curbside Cupcake

Who in the DMV has heard of this??? Anyone who knows me personally or follows me on Twitter, knows I frequent Dupont Circle's Hello Cupcake (best cupcakes hands down), but Washington, DC is also known for other cupcakery's like Georgetown Cupcake AND Red Velvet in Chinatown. OMG, today while I was with my co-worker on our biweekly cupcake run to Hello Cupcake, I finally saw the Curbside Cupcake truck...people have been telling me about


You mean to tell me I can get cupcakes made to order and delivered to me like pizza and takeout??? I can sit in my office and have them delivered to my job??? This is far more attractive to me than the half mile trip I make everytime I have a craving for Hello Cupcake's heavenly Prima Donna, Cookies & Cream, or Raspberry Beret Cupcakes ANNND Curbside Cupcake has Red Velvet!!!

Needless to say I will be trying this service out real soon.....have any of you???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WHATEVER IT IS, WHOEVER IT IS; Whether it is a toxic relationship, friendship, job, or bad trait (because yes, sometimes the problem is YOU) LET IT GO!!!! If it's causing strife within your precious, beautiful, GOD given life LET IT GO!!!

Stop stressing over what WAS or isn't!!! Fight for and hold on firmly to what shall be, is rightfully yours and IS!!

Stress causes illnesses, wrinkles, premature aging (of the mind and physical self)....DO NOT give anyone or anything that power of YOU!!!

SMILE even during the worst of times, CHOOSE to focus on what makes you happy!!! What we focus on is what will flourish in our lives....choose to focus on positivity and peace!!!

Live life without regret, happily
and in love with YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Icon transitions....

My readers know that I am all about female empowerment and uplifting my fellow Black woman. With that, today the world mourns the death of a female pioneer, civil rights activst, and sorority sister of Delta Sigma Theta sorors everywhere....Dr. Dorothy Height. Dr. Height, former President of the National Counsil of Negro Women, has passed away at the age of 98 of natural causes.

Dr. Height is deserving of this post because (I've always dreamed of meeting her) she chose to live a life of service, fighting for equal rights for her fellow man and woman...especially Black men and women. It is because of women like Dr. Dorothy Height, that I, a young black woman, can vote, work in any position that a man can, and attend any university I choose. Of course with the exception of those established all male institutions like the historic Morehouse University.

Last year, the first bill that President Obama signed was a bill by the name of the Lily Ledbetter Act. That act made it mandatory for women to be treated equally in a place of employment and that they be paid equally and as fairly as their male counterparts. Such an act was only possible after decades of work and struggles from women such as Dr. Height. So as women that are either seeking new employment, going off to our jobs, sending our children off to daycare this morning, casting votes in national elections for individuals that would further fight on our behalf and enact acts such as the Lily Ledbetter Act....let us NOT forget about the service, life, and accomplishments of Dr. Dorothy Height.

Dr. Height has also been the recipient of the two highest awards available to a civilian in the United States of America; The Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal.

THANK YOU Dr. Height!!!! We are forever grateful!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

So, the weekend....UPDATE!!!

See the previous post!!! BTW, I hope all your weekends were GREAT!! The weather was beautiful this weekend!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

White Collar Adonis...Mr. Bookkeeper...

LOL @ how "Mr.Bookkeeper" would make his skin crawl!! He's actually an accountant but screw that, I like Mr. Bookkeeper better. He's coming into town tonight (From NJ). This should be interesting! It's been a year since i've seen this man, but despite our daily talks, not so bleak past, and very obvious & imposing chemistry, my nerves are a jumping and my mind is a racing....honestly, I don't even know the real purpose behind this visit. He said he was coming down and I was like "OK" I mean I don't have anything else to do. I might as well host his highness this weekend.....

Anyway his visit isn't the only thing I'm unsure of; Like why is he visiting, why do we talk so much, why is he back in my life at all (question for the past year), Do I like him, why do I keep him around and him me????????? It's weird because we don't talk about this stuff. Like the huge pink elephant in the room, the mounds of chemistry, physical attraction between us just awkwardly stands around as we clumsily prance around it with normal topics of discussion of our days, work, life.....all but dating LOL!!!! We talk about everything but THAT and that i'm not too sure of either. Why is THAT?!?!? For hours on end we quiz each other about current events, we laugh, share jokes, reminsce, and talk about everything EXCEPT our interaction with the opposite sex. That both comforts me and concerns me all while I'm still wondering what the heck is it that he wants from me!

So there goes the story of my weekend...I'll be entertaining my friend/former beau/Mr.Bookkeeper. Maybe i'll finally be able to answer some of those questions....UGH, I got **butterflies** Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: So, Mr. Bookkeeper kept me company for most of the weekend. He arrived a little after 10pm Friday night and as he emerged from his car all the butterflies went away, my nerves calmed and for the duration of his stay, everything fell into to speak. I didn't bother to quiz him on all the wonders of my mind like what we're doing, what's between us, etc, etc because I like what IS right now. I ended a long term situation FOR GOOD in February and well, it's cool to just have something with little expectations, labels, and the stressful works, i'm having fun....The distance actually helps with that too. The MAN I spent the weekend with has certainly and completely evolved from the not so grown man he was when I dated him his Senior year of college. I mean, was there anyway he wasn't winning me over, having me blush???? IDK what the cologne was but all my happy parts loved it, his height is sooo right for my 5ft 9" frame at 6ft 3inches....he's everything I didn't even realize I was missing the past three and half years; Tall, handsome, Assertive, and ladies I don't know about yall but I love a man that sort of IMPOSES traditional gender roles on me putting me in the place of the woman (the nurturer, the caterer) while he protects, provides and LEADS. He's intelligent (love a man that always has something to teach me), goal oriented it, his work ethic is SICK & at there seems to be no slowing him down on the corporate ladder. It was a sensual weekend....we lauged, flirted, blushed, kissed, hugged, spooned, talked, debated over sports, shopped a little together, cuddled and kissed & hugged some more. NOW, can you see why I didn't bother with the's fun, light and innocent right now and there is a nostalgia about that, that I can't shake and I don't wanna ruin it before it's time. He's my magnet and it's weird because when I talk to him there sort of feels like there was no in between, like, all of what happend in our lives in the past three and a half years we were apart didn't happen at all. I like this and the mystery of it all.....

In essence all the questions I really wanted answered WERE answered: The attraction, spark, fun, and interest all are still there and on top of it all he's a great friend!!! In the end that really is all I want....A great friend!!!