Friday, August 6, 2010

UGH...Bravo punk'd us!!!!

OMG! The long awaited Real Housewives of DC premiered last night and the debut was *sigh* waaay less than spectacular!!!! Disappointing to say the least!

I'm a fan...die hard...of the Real Housewives series; Orange County, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta and thought I would be when/if the series landed in my own backyard but i'm not enthused...anymore anyway. The show was BORINGGGG!!!!!!!!!! I literally spent the entire hour trying not to go to sleep in fear that i would miss the excitement/worthiness when it finally occured. Yea, it's safe to say Bravo dropped the ball on this one!

We all knew the cast was predominately white EVEN THOUGH the DMV is a mixing bowl of cultures and ethnicities...they repped us (one black woman) for fear we'd probably boycot the rest of the shows....which we would've. But forreal Bravo??? Even in a city as conservative as Washington, DC, I know there were more interesting ladies than this bunch to choose from??? and the lady from the UK...what's up with that? Can we have all citizens on the show please???? UGH..this was a bust and I hate that my city, my region looks as if it'll be the most boring of season...when in fact, everyone knows there is soo much going on here in Washington, DC...

I'm disappointed!!! HORRIBLE representation of Washington, DC but given how conservative DC is, maybe, MAYBE these women were the creme of the crop of who ACTUALLY went out for the show. Many people here have political, powerful, and influential aspirations and may have not went out for it for those reason BUT come on!!! Between all the judges, athletes, professors, regular people, politicians, professional people we have here this is what Bravo ended up with....??????????????

Chocolate City is the city of power, politics, money, scandal, back biting a more diverse group of women would've made this more interesting!!!!!!!!!!


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