Wednesday, November 30, 2011



Although a little before my time I am a HUGE fan of the New Jack Swing era of music and this is a fave!!

CUFFn Season....

I love the holiday season but as unreal as it seems, I'm still getting used to maneuvering through CUFFn season as a single gal *Grrrrrr*

I'm not the girl that feels like life is over because she doesn't have a beau BUT it's holiday season!!  The smell of pine and peppermint are in the air, there is an abundance of time and money to be spent on those we love most;  Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, Temptations, and Nat King Cole are all over the holiday airwaves, holiday movies are coming out left & right...and who doesn't love Christmas day snuggling??  Breakfast in bed, movies, Christmas morning passion, switching gifts, more holiday passion (LOL), dinner with the fam, then more snuggling with family, fire, and lots of memory making!!

Winter is the season of love but for a self proclaimed hopeless romantic, it can be the season of "woe is me."  Moreso than Valentines, to me, the holiday season is all about romance.  Think about it you have the lights, fragrances, cold weather to keep you in, family meals, Christmas gifting is all about mystery and mystery has always been sexy! .....

Let me snap out of it because none of that is what the season is really about, well, not completely anyway but the holidays and romance are like frick and frack, they simply just go together!!! My Christmas list is rather short all I want is a happy, HEALTHY, baby girl in the new year but a new, tall, dark, handsome, unexpected, fresh, romance to crush on would be nice too :)

Sooo Santa baby jazz it up a bit this year or next
" Treat a girl who’s not your girlfriend like she’s the love of your life and she will wait for the title forever"
~Black Girls Are Easy~

Damn!  Have I been that girl?  Of course I have, and so have many of the women I know.  I would be willing to bet that all women have, at least onceWhat girl has not been the one saving up all her love coins for the jackpot that we THINK is the him that all BUT committs!  Seemingly it is all there; Chemistry, you go out, you meet everyone, you're seemingly the apple of his eye, he's investing time, affection, pillow talk, the works, it varies from situation to situation (I've lived this, my girlfriends have all at some point complained of this), EXCEPT when the topic of monogamy arises.  He's always not ready or unavailable for whatever reason.  Maybe it's distance (rolls eyes), or he's afraid of being hurt again (the okie doke), focusing on his career, can't provide for you the way he'd like to at the moment, blah blah need to proceed because we know the excuses proceed for miles!!  However, no matter what, WE, ol' loyal, find every reason in the book to be his ol' reliable...actually loving him and being committed to him while in actuality he is only NOT wifing you because he is waiting for whomever it is he actually wants and is actively seeking her while you love all over him or pitifully wait for the opportunity to. Yea, like Wendy Williams says, he is our boyfriend "in our heads", but you are only his "buddy" appropiate for every position but his ONE, his boo thing, his girl!  Crazy we find ourselves "in love" (the completely false version) with him and have never met his mama, the relationship talk is foreign territory, and despite our unconditional loyalty the reality is it is mostly physical, for the time being, or not what he wants at all.

With all of that said...WHY is it that we women continue to make excuses to rationalize our very illogical choices to stay in his corner??  Because like the quote above is's all for the title, the championship ring, the fantasy (picket fence, family portraits, kids, dog, and family vacays).  Don't get me wrong, he may want that BUT not with you... BUT yet you think  IF you could just get him to this or that, or if YOU could just DO this or that, say this or'll be his top shelf choice.  How many times has that formula failed???  It always does!  I'ts sickening...what makes him so worthy/!?!?  And it's even more horrible when you recognize the crazy pattern in your own life in different degrees at different times but you notice it, it's there  Yea, I'm kinda guilty as I type this and have been in my past- hence the use of the word WE throughout the post, but in my Patti voice "its a newww day!!"


This about sums it up...

Now, that is just NASTY!

Obviously I watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta as seen from previous posts, but this past Sunday's episode had me warped up in a big ol' mess of grossness, when at Kandi's birthday party, Phaedra's gift, the stripper RiDICKalous commenced to PLEASURE HIMSELF ORALLY while performing!  Phaedra has mentioned this guy before, last season actually,but seeing that it was the truth surprised the hell out of me.  I was with Mama Kandi...that was some, in her words, "BULLSH*T!!!!  WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT?!?!  Where do they do that at?  HOW DID HE DISCOVER HE COULD DO THAT?!?!  Further, why was Peter so obviously engaged by the stripper's performance!?!?  Yea, I caught that and putting that together with the location, the A, I think Cynthia may wanna investigate that foolishness...Peter seemed just as engaged as Lawrence *sideeye*

Anywho, just in case you DID not catch RiDICKalous and his "talents"  here is the clip....

Just GROSS!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Rich BITCH!

LMAO...okay so because of all the loose ends from last season, I was looking forward to the premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta especially to see what was going on with NeNe...Ms. Drama herself!  Sure enough NeNe is bringing the drama already in episode ONE!!  LMAO at this argument between NeNe and Sheree...NeNe has gotten herself some very new SUPPOSEDLY very long money and felt the need to let Sheree know when confronted by Sheree about a failed business venture screaming at Sheree "I'm rich bitch".  She then went on to say how much her veneers cost, how Celebrity Apprentice put her on financially and that she is RICH and doesn't need to side swipe the likes of Sheree for business.  THIS WAS JUST A MESS!!!  I pause at believing that Celebrity Apprentice has put NeNe on the status of rich, but Donald Trump can now expect an influx of celebrities to be calling him to get on Celebrity Apprentice because it seems like every episode NeNe is going to be talking about her new found RICHNESS from Celebrity Apprentice.  Safe to say she is feeling herself!  Loved the argument!  So juvenile, messy, yet ENTERTAINING!