Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CUFFn Season....

I love the holiday season but as unreal as it seems, I'm still getting used to maneuvering through CUFFn season as a single gal *Grrrrrr*

I'm not the girl that feels like life is over because she doesn't have a beau BUT it's holiday season!!  The smell of pine and peppermint are in the air, there is an abundance of time and money to be spent on those we love most;  Boys II Men, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, Temptations, and Nat King Cole are all over the holiday airwaves, holiday movies are coming out left & right...and who doesn't love Christmas day snuggling??  Breakfast in bed, movies, Christmas morning passion, switching gifts, more holiday passion (LOL), dinner with the fam, then more snuggling with family, fire, and lots of memory making!!

Winter is the season of love but for a self proclaimed hopeless romantic, it can be the season of "woe is me."  Moreso than Valentines, to me, the holiday season is all about romance.  Think about it you have the lights, fragrances, cold weather to keep you in, family meals, Christmas gifting is all about mystery and mystery has always been sexy! .....

Let me snap out of it because none of that is what the season is really about, well, not completely anyway but the holidays and romance are like frick and frack, they simply just go together!!! My Christmas list is rather short all I want is a happy, HEALTHY, baby girl in the new year but a new, tall, dark, handsome, unexpected, fresh, romance to crush on would be nice too :)

Sooo Santa baby jazz it up a bit this year or next

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