Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Positivity, Solange, Summer '09, 2 out of 3 wishes

I am @ a STEADILY positive & progressive place in my life and I simply feel like i'm on a honeymoon with life itself!! I have a wonderful family, GREAT friends, and an ABUNDANCE of blessings!! What more could a girl ask for. I've even changed more this year than in recent years, i've come into myself so to speak. I graduated from more than just undergrad but from my childhood as well, I even feel and view things differently now. I'm more positive on my outlook as I've learned from my past that it doesn't hurt to be more optimistic about our endeavors, trying to see the best AS WELL AS the possible worst. Yea, so i'm PEACHY....LIVIN' LIFE & IT FEELS GREAT!!! YAAAAAAY ME!!! LOL!
Now, this is TOTALLY off topic of what I was talking about @ 1st, but this is a bit of a free write cause I have a few things on my mind and just feel like blogging SOOOO here goes....SOLANGE KNOWLES!!! WTFREAK was Ms. Thang thinking cutting her hair like that? Now, as a hardcore Beyonce fan, I have paid attention to Solange as well and have always liked the way she wore here hair...sometimes better than I like the Queen Bey's hairstyles but much to my style dismay Miss Solange has gotten NUTS and cut her beautiful dark hair. I LOVED her curls!!! She's supposedly trying to separate herself from BigSis but whatever the reason I hate the cut BUT, if Solange is happy than so be it!!!

So, before I began my rant about Solange Knowles' outrageous new hairstyle I was talking about the changes in my life. They've been great changes BUT this yr as a whole has been great!!!!! I FREAKIN love 2009....So much good has occurred this year starting with the INAUGURATION!! That day although ridiculously COLD, I heart that day!!!! I also graduated from college this year with a B.S in Criminal Justice, ended some toxic relationships, embraced some not so new wonderfully blessed relationships, landed my first great job post college & most importantly, I am happy & healthy!!! I had 3wishes for this year and so far the odds are in my favor so that's also FAB.

My 3 wishes were:

1. Graduate from college with a B average (X)

2. Land a good paying job @ FINRA (X)

3. Be found, NOT find, by a new prospective love......

As I said so far the odds are not against me but the jury is still out on whether or not the love will come around or not...right now, I'm good and having fun with life, family and friends. I have been dealt a very blessed and wonderful hand if I must say so myself so YAAAAY ME!!!! I look forward to the rest of my life's moments even the bleak....but i'm CLAIMING THE POSITIVE!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tall, Dark/Light/Caramel/White Chisled AND handsome!!!

OK, so I LOVE men!!!! As a beautiful recently single gal I have noticed that I have been noticing the mens a little more lately!!! A friend of mine just said to me tonight "you really don't have a type"....that's true, I DON'T!!! I like a variety, men (well some men lol) are compliments of our femininity; beautiful, sexy, perfect masculinity, strength & confidence!!!! How could I not love them....especially my BEAUTIFULLY together BLACK men. GOD broke the mold when he made them! My adrenaline rises at the likes of Terrel Owens, Boris Kudjoe, David Beckham, Trey Songz, Halle's Gabriel Aubrey, Derek Rose, and Aubrey Graham just to name a FEW!!!! LOL, yea, I miss the exclusiveness of a relationship and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH but i'm definitely enjoying the post college single life.....I'm sampling baby!!!!!! Here's a little eyecandy...

& He Apologizes

So, Chris Breezy has apologized for viciously beating ex girlfriend & awesome pop star Rihanna and asked his fans for forgiveness. As I sit here watching Showbiz Tonight attentively listening to what the critics have to say about his apology, I am forced to address the issue of forgiveness once again. In a sense, I feel like his apology is too little too late from BOTH parties! I think that both Chris and Rihanna should have spoken about the incident months ago as role models for their young fans. At this late date Chris' apology seems anything but authentic and Rihanna should make plans to speak soon about the ordeal, taking a public stand against domestic violence or violence in general, as someone who has been through it herself, to her followers. Before the incident in February, I liked Chris Brown's music and loved Rihanna's music & image (Good Girl Gone Bad is still bumpin in my M-Class) LOL..BUT, domestic violence/abuse in relationships is an issue that we must sweep from up under the rug & ADDRESS!!! As a result of women being more powerful and more successful than ever before, there is a notion that "women aren't taking that mess, abuse, anymore." While this may be true it is NOT true that modern women/men are not encountering negative and abusive relationships. Whether it is emotion, verbal or physical abuse, IT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Additionally, I think that it is IMPERATIVE that abusees forgive their abusers but make the conscious & intelligent decision to approach the situation head on and demand respect while actively living a life free of abuse (in ANY regard) and disrespect, NEVER letting their negative relationship escalate to the level of bruises, hits, loss of self-esteem and the like!!

Both stars have suffered from public scrutiny and opinion BUT can turn this aweful negative into a positive by crusading against unhappy and painfully negative relationships. Rihanna has started that by continuing to lead a publicly happy and social life....H/E whether the apology is sincere or not, it is imperative that Chris Brown is forgiven by all naysayers as I am a firm believer of second chances but of respect as well. HE HAS ALOT TO PROVE!!! Abuse, at even the early stages, take a huge toll on the psyche of the abusee....BETTER EXISTS!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Imprints on my heart....gotta LOVE friends!!

Life is but a series of laughs, tears, triumphs, and tests all of which mean absolutely nothing without the meaningful relationships we form in life such as FRIENDSHIP!!! Unlike family, friends are special because they, without a doubt, share, at least some, of our likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies (?) lol and are chosen by us to take part in our experiences, ups, downs, and the like....HOWEVER like anything else we choose or do in life we are even subject to make mistakes in our choices about who are invited to enjoy our ride with us. OF COURSE at the time we don't know we're making a mistake or that our friend isn't actually who we thought they were but in any event even that "not so great" relationship/friendship just adds to our life experiences and loves while simultaneously nurturing other friendships & relationships. Much like that of a great love the characteristics of a great friend don't come a dime a dozen. With that said, I think everyone should embrace ALL their friendships/relationships especially those that prove to withstand the TESTS of time. I've been fortunate to have end up with a great roster of lovely friends!!!!I love them....


Monday, July 6, 2009

My Refusal to Hurt....

FORGIVENESS is the refusal to hurt the one that hurt you, a gift so to speak given to the perpetrator of the heartache imposed upon you. There has been a point in all of our lives in which we were hurt, angered, and either physically, emotionally or verbally badgered by someone near and dear to our hearts resulting in feelings of betrayal, hearbreak, and often times revenge....the desire to GET BACK AT the one responsible for the pain we are in or have felt as a result of something they did or said to us. However, as the BEAUTIFULLY AND PERFECTLY IMPERFECT beings we were created to be, we have a DUTY or responsibility to forgive those that act out against us negatively for OUR OWN well being. Forgiveness does not necessarily come after the delivery of an apology to you from the one that hurt you BUT more importantly FORGIVENESS is, as I said above, a gift, a choice for you to make in regards to your own mental, emotional and physical health, even if said relationship will never be reconciled!!!!! DO IT FOR YOU!

However, forgiveness is not something said but felt within the heart. I have found it to be true that it is impossible to fully forgive someone without ever fully feeling the pain that person caused you....such an attempt can and will end in the "hurt" party feeling resentful, angry, distant, vindictive among other UGLY not so becoming emotions. Find comfort in knowing that in the end, EVIL COMES TO EVIL!!! Life is made up of choices....choose to, if nothing else, be good to you and KNOW that NO ONE can take your ability to be a good person but you!!!