Friday, July 24, 2009

Positivity, Solange, Summer '09, 2 out of 3 wishes

I am @ a STEADILY positive & progressive place in my life and I simply feel like i'm on a honeymoon with life itself!! I have a wonderful family, GREAT friends, and an ABUNDANCE of blessings!! What more could a girl ask for. I've even changed more this year than in recent years, i've come into myself so to speak. I graduated from more than just undergrad but from my childhood as well, I even feel and view things differently now. I'm more positive on my outlook as I've learned from my past that it doesn't hurt to be more optimistic about our endeavors, trying to see the best AS WELL AS the possible worst. Yea, so i'm PEACHY....LIVIN' LIFE & IT FEELS GREAT!!! YAAAAAAY ME!!! LOL!
Now, this is TOTALLY off topic of what I was talking about @ 1st, but this is a bit of a free write cause I have a few things on my mind and just feel like blogging SOOOO here goes....SOLANGE KNOWLES!!! WTFREAK was Ms. Thang thinking cutting her hair like that? Now, as a hardcore Beyonce fan, I have paid attention to Solange as well and have always liked the way she wore here hair...sometimes better than I like the Queen Bey's hairstyles but much to my style dismay Miss Solange has gotten NUTS and cut her beautiful dark hair. I LOVED her curls!!! She's supposedly trying to separate herself from BigSis but whatever the reason I hate the cut BUT, if Solange is happy than so be it!!!

So, before I began my rant about Solange Knowles' outrageous new hairstyle I was talking about the changes in my life. They've been great changes BUT this yr as a whole has been great!!!!! I FREAKIN love 2009....So much good has occurred this year starting with the INAUGURATION!! That day although ridiculously COLD, I heart that day!!!! I also graduated from college this year with a B.S in Criminal Justice, ended some toxic relationships, embraced some not so new wonderfully blessed relationships, landed my first great job post college & most importantly, I am happy & healthy!!! I had 3wishes for this year and so far the odds are in my favor so that's also FAB.

My 3 wishes were:

1. Graduate from college with a B average (X)

2. Land a good paying job @ FINRA (X)

3. Be found, NOT find, by a new prospective love......

As I said so far the odds are not against me but the jury is still out on whether or not the love will come around or not...right now, I'm good and having fun with life, family and friends. I have been dealt a very blessed and wonderful hand if I must say so myself so YAAAAY ME!!!! I look forward to the rest of my life's moments even the bleak....but i'm CLAIMING THE POSITIVE!!!!

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