Monday, December 27, 2010

Quote of the night!

Friendship: A building contract you sign
with laughter and break with tears.
I chose this quote because i describes an interesting facet of my life from this year. I have realized that some friendships, new and old, are not meant to be permanent but to simply serve their purpose. A couple of friendships, I am still on the fence about and well, I will let those ride out and see where they go...meanwhile, I have been meeting some interesting people...all are different but all are like me. I like making friends but I love those friendships that prove worthy and stand the test of time. In a moment of trial and error, one may realize that those with the dearest of titles, are the least worthy and should be the least vital.

*TOAST* to wonderful friendships, the family members we get to pick!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quote of the night!

You're the only one that can make the difference! Whatever your dream is, go for it!
~Erving Magic Johnson~

Not only is Magic Johnson a legendary basketball star but he is an ubersuccessful business man with ventures like the Los Angeles Lakers, Starbucks, AMC Magic Theaters, and the list goes on. I don't mind taking this advice from him and God knows I need such advice. I have slept on my ideas for too long....

That's not why we get ideas.

We get ideas so that we can bring them to fruition. What Magic is saying is that we must become the change we want to see, otherwise, why complain? ACT and ACT now because there is no time like the present to to put your spin on something, make something better, or like Magic said, make a difference!

All we ever have is today and today we can set goals for tomorrow but we can diligently work on them today!!!!! GO FOR IT!!!

The year ahead my optimism...what's next?

With the holiday season winding down, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!! I should recognize Kwanzaa this year. Amazing how that's never really caught on as one of the mainstream annual events in the African American community. However, pretty common to us all is the ensuing NEW YEAR! That's right we've made it through 2010 and have been blessed enough to make it to the end of the year to bid farewell to 2010 and usher in 2011.
I love the new year mostly because I love the allure of the unknown. Like children that just can't go to sleep on Christmas eve wondering what Santa will bring for them on Christmas morning, I believe, as adults, New Years Eve is our "Christmas" so to speak a mystery for us to solve over the next 365 days but a story for us to write all our own. Every new year, I wonder who will I meet, where will I go, what or who will make me cry, and who or what will make me smile in the upcoming year....It's exciting! This year I'm lookin forward to;

1. Starting my own business: YES! There is no time like the present and procrastination is the enemy! I'm gonna step out on a limb in 2011 and see my dream come true. So far all looks promising. Step 1, apply for my business license and register the name. I need to pick a name. I'm down to three.

2. I want to do more of ALL of those things that I enjoy in 2011 whether I have a partner in crime or not! Horseback riding, pole dancing, a mini trip or two, hot yoga, I don't even know what else but I have realized that I don't need to have anyone with me to do what I want, soooo whatever it is...imma go for it! I want to have more fun even if it's alone!

3. CHURCH!! I fell off in 2010 and simply put, I have to do better. I will be there in 2011 for Sunday service, Bible Study, and tithing. There really is no excuse for my absenteeism...NONE!

4. I'm going to guard my heart more starting in 2011 and be more real to myself! Quality should always trump quantity and while I have plenty of "friends" around me, I have been forced to realize via unfortunate situations that my friendship is no reciprocated with some, loyalty isn't as important to others as it is me and while that's fine, I will guard my heart in that regard.

5. Okay, okay, so do not and I repeat DO NOT judge me with this next one, but I do want to get in tip top shape in the new year. I love the gym I go to but honestly, it's these RATCHED eating habits I need to get in check.

6. SAVINGS! SAVINGS! SAVINGS! I will do more that in 2011, I mean honestly...i'm horrible with money sometimes...I could have a mansion or that beautiful Jaguar XJ if I wasn't so careless with my spending...smh! Imma do it and I can't wait to see the accumulation on NYE 2011!!!

So that's my New Years Goal list! I'm gonna stick to it too checking back periodically to check my progress, and then again at the end of the year to prayerfully check everything off!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Quote of the night*

The BEST Christmas of all is the presence of a
HAPPY family all wrapped up with one another!

With that said I hope everyone is warm, happy, healthy surrounded by the ones they cherish the most. For many of us, family is the most constant force in our lives. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else than here at home with my family, especially my siblings. I love the holiday season. Embrace the true meaning of the holiday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIST!!! Smile, love, and create memories with your families!!!

Merry Christmas Eve...#6

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorites...Christmas edition

Kinda bored...going to the gym soon but that's neither here nor there. I just felt like doing a Christmas edition of my favorite things:

My favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone 2...imma late 80s/90s baby
Favorite Christmas Song: Silent Night
Favortie Pop Christmas song: Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You"
Favorite Christmas Custom: Christmas tree decorating...brings the fam together
Favorite Christmas gift: The laptop i'm typing on now & my tennis bracelet
Favorite Christmas memory: My dad dressing up like Santa & giving our gifts
Fav Christmas gift I wish
I still had: My custom built doll dad accidentally threw it out
What I hope for this
Christmas: Snow, peace, happy/healthy how things change as
grow older

Give Love on Christmas Day #5

So the Jacksons were Jehovah Witnesses but they made some of the BEST Christmas holiday music at Motown!! I just love the sound of young Michael Jackson's voice! AWWWW...HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

Quote of the night...

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually
be afraid you will make one!!!
~Elbert Hubbard~

You can't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are the BEAUTIFUL evidence of trying!! Not to mention that some of the best inventions, ideas, successful businesses, and relationships were MISTAKES!! Someone screwed up, didn't mean to do, write, say, go there BUT, THEY DID!! So while you're dreaming and backing those dreams with action...embrace your mistakes! If nothing else you'll learn from it and think, become, and do better!!! NO failure in mistakes only lessons!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quote of the night!

"If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on, in spite of it all. And so today, I still have a dream"
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.~
Enable everyday to allow you to become close to your dreams coming to fruition by NEVER settling!!! Discontent? Restless? Experiencing a lack of peace? Turn that negative energy positive with drive and ambition to live the life you love in order to LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!!! This is your only chance...**Smile*Hug*Kiss*LIVE*

Monday, December 20, 2010


This song is extremely remiscent of my childhood, the smell of my mom baking holiday treats, and the sight of decorations around the house, along with presents under the tree! This became one of my favorites & who doesn't love the Jackson 5!!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING...MICHAEL!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Halfway in and wanting out...

Going on two years!! We play tug of war, cat & mouse with each other's emotions...I know I can't handle it, im only falling in more, the distance is the enemy but he could, if he wanted to, do so much more...

Welcome to my inner thoughts, well, as they pertain to HIM anyway! This is stupid! Who allows themself to begin falling for someone 200+ miles away!?!!? BUT, when I say he's THAT GUY, he really is THAT GUY; handsome, tall (6'3"), intelligent, gainfully employed, single, no children, senses of humor, athletic...............................all but he's NOT HERE!!! WTf!

I mean I like this guy, really like this one...we have history too but something is missing! I want pampering, catering and he's just not giving that. I'm stuck between wanting to ride this out (have fun, see where it goes), just being his friend, and well, being NEITHER! When Deborah & R.L sang "We can't be friends" they were definitely singing about us. WE CAN'T! We try and we suck at it because there is something there but for the life of me, I can't figure out if he is worth finding out what that is...*sigh*. I WANT OUT!! This is way too confusing, I mean I could love him one day but I don't want to....ugh!!

I hate not getting what I want & this has definitely been a challenge: a stupid hormone filled one...Excuses my venting!!!!!

Favorite Christmas Song #3

Friday, December 17, 2010

woes of the dating girl..single woman blues

Cruising a popular online forum for bloggers, I came across a thread posted by a young woman that read something like help me figure out what's wrong with me, i'm trying to find Mr.Right!
My question is, does Mr.Right and Mrs.Right actually exist or is there just Mr. & Mrs. Good Enough? What constitutes someone as "Right" and is that purely personal to the seeker of love? Furthermore, is monogamy a thing of the past?
I ask because everyone seems to just be kickin' it, "talking", chillin', and doing them. I hear very few people, young and old alike, actually taking steps to be with one another exclusively to learn and embrace growing in love together. What's up with that? I mean we're closer than we've ever been before right, with blogger, twitter, facebook, bbm, email, myspace, skype, messenger, text messages, etc. The list just goooooes!! With all of the these social mediums to meet, interact, and get acquainted with one another, why does it seem, and I stress SEEM because I have not studied this or anything, that healthy, monogamous, relationships of substance are so few and far in between?? I mean I'm not even talking about marriage, that's another can of worms. I'm simply speaking of exclusive courtships, RELATIONSHIPS between two people. It seems like everyone is scared to man or woman up and put both feet in for fear of getting GOT so we continue to "play the game", or making sure we get them before they "GET" us....but why??? How come monogamy seems to have such a bad rap? How can that be overcome? and have the barriers, whatever they may be, that are preventing healthy, loving relationships, long relationships always been there, but because of the forementioned social mediums they're ever so noticeable?

I mean really? She was, at least as it relates to looks, a perfectly attractive woman...has it really come to women taking to social networks on the world wide web to find love or a worthy date???

All I want for Christmas...favorite #2

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite CHRISTmas songs...#1

In the spirit of Christmas, I've decided to post my top 7 favorite Christmas songs in the week leading up to the holiday!!! A huge Destiny Child, Beyonce fan, this is definitely one of them!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY FOLLOWERS!!!! I love this time of year! Who doesn't like being surrounded by family, enjoy the heartwarming fragrances of pine, mint, apple, and the aroma of delicious holiday fare?!?!

Honestly, I look forward to it all year. This year I'm not very excited for the Christmas shopping part though. NOooo I'm not being a scrooge no grinch attitude here, and i'm not cheap I just want to give deeper this year, things from the heart, creative, personal to the receiver. I want to make a difference, lasting impact on someone's holiday season. All of us have gotten store bought gifts and while we love those, I'm just curious about the more creative, personal, maybe homemade, sentimental gifts are that you all have received or WOULD LIKE TO receive....
Please share...!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm 23 now!!!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and i had a blast doing whatever I wanted. It was more lowkey thN previous birthdays but it was one that allowed me to reflect Nd recogmize my growth as a young woman.....

Now to close out the year.
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