Friday, December 17, 2010

woes of the dating girl..single woman blues

Cruising a popular online forum for bloggers, I came across a thread posted by a young woman that read something like help me figure out what's wrong with me, i'm trying to find Mr.Right!
My question is, does Mr.Right and Mrs.Right actually exist or is there just Mr. & Mrs. Good Enough? What constitutes someone as "Right" and is that purely personal to the seeker of love? Furthermore, is monogamy a thing of the past?
I ask because everyone seems to just be kickin' it, "talking", chillin', and doing them. I hear very few people, young and old alike, actually taking steps to be with one another exclusively to learn and embrace growing in love together. What's up with that? I mean we're closer than we've ever been before right, with blogger, twitter, facebook, bbm, email, myspace, skype, messenger, text messages, etc. The list just goooooes!! With all of the these social mediums to meet, interact, and get acquainted with one another, why does it seem, and I stress SEEM because I have not studied this or anything, that healthy, monogamous, relationships of substance are so few and far in between?? I mean I'm not even talking about marriage, that's another can of worms. I'm simply speaking of exclusive courtships, RELATIONSHIPS between two people. It seems like everyone is scared to man or woman up and put both feet in for fear of getting GOT so we continue to "play the game", or making sure we get them before they "GET" us....but why??? How come monogamy seems to have such a bad rap? How can that be overcome? and have the barriers, whatever they may be, that are preventing healthy, loving relationships, long relationships always been there, but because of the forementioned social mediums they're ever so noticeable?

I mean really? She was, at least as it relates to looks, a perfectly attractive woman...has it really come to women taking to social networks on the world wide web to find love or a worthy date???

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