Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bey Knowles-Carter shoe GAME!!!!

Proper shoe game is a must & Bey
NEVER disappoints!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gonna be SINGLE for Vday??

Being single for Valentines Day is like living a horror movie when you don't have a Valentine, it seems. While, that's not how I feel, I certainly am going through "lovers withdrawl" realizing that this is the first time in 5 years, I won't be showered with romance on Valentines Day...So, rather then sulk and reminisce on all the beautiful, over the top, romantic Valentines Days I have had in recent years, I'm gonna reinvent the day for ME!! OTHER SINGLE GIRLS SHOULD FEEL FREE TO DO THE SAME!1. Get wasted or just a little tipsy turvy with one of your single girlfriends OR single guy friends and go SPEED DATING for the fun of it! I've never been but i'm seriously considering this, sounds fun!

2. SPA DAY!!! This you can do alone or with a friend....got more than one single friend? Have a SPA day and get a nice hotel for the night and have a sleepover. Why not spice it up with a "TOY" party, maybe some pole dancing...may be able to use the toys and moves on Vday next year.

3. Got a crush? That's less than 200 miles away? *LOL*cheap plug* maybe flip the script, go out on the limb, and have a platonic night out on the town with him. After some drinks, laughs, fun...you may muster up the courage to tell how you feel ANNNND THUS, maybe have vday on lock for next year.

4. Go out to dinner anyway!! Hit up a nice restaurant, avoid romantic places like the Melting Pot, CoCo Sala, Ruth's Chris, Mortons, etc, boooooo to couples everywhere!! Have fun...go with a SEXY male friend to see No Strings Attached. I hear its good!

5. Go OUT! PARTY! That's a great part about being single. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER, WHENEVER, HOWEVER YOU WANT!!!!!!!!! Dare to wear RED in as sexy a fashion as possible, slip on the sexiest stilleto, get dolled up, party and flirt your heart out for Vday!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding Myself....

"& honestly, at 23, I would probably love my work more than I did she. So we, ain't we, it's me and, her, cus what she prefers over me, is work. & that's where we differ, I have to give her free time even if it hurts. So breathe, mami it's deserved. You've been put on this earth to be all you can be like the reserves. And me, my time in the army is served. So, I have to allow her. her time to serve. The time is now for her, in time she'll mature....and to ask her now, it ain't fair"
BUT he'll GAIN one instead of losing one.
I'm extremely happy and proud of myself and the young lady Ive become; 23, gainfully employed, childless, crazy manless (actually just manless lol), law abiding, community serving citizen conquering her dreams!! That verse from "Lost One" reminds me of myself, right now, for the world. I'm doing me successfully with not much room for a "him" but, with that, my "ME" project is successfully underway and when the time is right, he'll be one PROUD King, Blessed among men.
I'm the happiest I've been in the last 3 years and I'm happier by the day because I own my happiness, my peace, my smile, and my dreams...BECOMING ALL I CAN BE LIKE THE RESERVES!! It's been somewhat of a struggle getting here, but the joy is knowing those stories have ended and now I'm single-handedly writing this bestseller of ME, NOW! We question, life's trials and we make our plans not knowing what lies on the other side if those plans just happen to not come into fruition Well, mine fell through, and i'm happy to say my smile is bigger, my days are more positive, my circle is more supportive, and my short & long term goals are underway!!!!!
YAY ME!!!!!
Everything I am now is just a snippet of the well rounded woman I really hope to be one day adding to that Legal Professional, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom, and Friend! I'm realizing dreams by the day!! ALL of what I AM NOW is what I have always wanted to be.
In hindsight, I wouldn't have it any other way....I'm enjoying being 23!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lady in the streetz freak in the sheetz..or just ALL lady??

Sooo in my conversations with my male friends i'm finding that most of them, especially the wifed up ones are well, i'm gonna say EROTICALLY DEPRIVED lol for lack of better terms. Simply put, their women aren't bringin' the freak and according to them that's the norm among women in relationships, married and not. It fizzles out once its "official"

BUT as a woman, a young woman, with a healthy (unfortunately deprived) appetite for NO holds barred passion I find this hard to believe because tsn't half the excitement GETTING HIM EXCITED, READY.....HARD, especially YOUR man, by any feasible, safe means?!?

It's no secret that most serious relationships especially marriages end because of money AND...SEX!!!!!!! Now, you probably can't avoid the money issues BUT sex on the other hand, is avoidable, avoidable....AVOIDABLE at ALL costs, I mean, if for nothing else as a distraction from ya other issues!

I mean they were complaining about seemingly trivial sh*t from; the lack of lingerie, costumes, role playing, oral sex, swallowing, variety in positions, spontaneity....LADIES what's good?

Isn't PART of the satisfaction knowing that when he leaves, comes up from that nap, or finishes inhaling that post passion meal you've pulled all the stops, and that you're not a SMUT but all he needs sexually???? We're talkin' about your man not your "friend".

What's the disconnect?? Do men want it too much? Are they asking too much (in your experience)? The answer is YES to that question for the guy wanting the 3some....LOL that's my personal choice.

But to my ladies I'm asking are you guilty of slacking on the lovin'??? Giving the clean-up woman an IN to your relationship?? AND fellas my question is what's YOUR role? What, if any, is your experience with fizzled out lovin' in a relationship???

Lyrical Lady Legends

To forget about Foxy would be horrific. She has performed alongside my favorite rapper, JIGGA, on many hits!!! This is definitely one of my faves. Her rap flow was raw, hard yet sexy! We should've got more music from her!

Lyrical Lady Legends...My FAVE!

"i'm not the one to sleep with, eat quick. Wanna cheap chik?
Better go down to freaknik."

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lyrical Lady Legends

Lyrical Lady Legends



Lyrical Lady Legends



Lyrical Lady Legends


LOL...sorta before my time BUT I love them!

They're on tour too!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lyrical Lady Legends...

I just felt like posting my favorite videos by female emcees this weekend! WHO YOU CALLIN' A BITCH?!?!?!?

& she grows....

Sooo let me start by apologizing to my followers because i'm the absolute worst blogger on the block right now...with like little to no updates! NOT to mention it's black history month. CHOCOLATE ***kisses*** to all my fellow beautiful, BOLD, regal, black folk in the blogosphere!!!

So, I feel like I owe ya some reading material. Therefore, I'm putting myself on a 5 day writing challenge. HEY, i'm taking baby steps now please bare with me lovies! I've missed reading you alls blogs and commenting on them regularly too.

I'm experiencing alot of change right now inwardly and outwardly and I'M falling in love with the young woman that is making great strides for the woman to be....the maturation of ME!!! Along the way I've realized I have outgrown somethings.

Some people, things, places, HELL some of my jeans for that matter just don't rock to well with me anymore. I've outgrown them like puberty, grade school, 18 & up clubs, relationship games, wasted weekends etc, etc, etc...life goes on but....

It's a pretty known fact that I don't like goodbyes...i like to hold on to things moreso people FOREVER but lately I've noticed I done outgrown that too!!!!!

This must me the dolo chapter of the *Chronicles of Tora* the part when everything else fades to black and I focus on me; my happiness, my goals, my attitude, my growth, and MY potential!

MORE THAN EVER, i'm enjoying the beat of my own drum and it feels good, like i've arrived. Don't need no permission, second opinions...i'm having fun discovering me but I guess that's where i'm supposed to be at 23....no baggage, holds, just living free....I'm living for positive memories