Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lady in the streetz freak in the sheetz..or just ALL lady??

Sooo in my conversations with my male friends i'm finding that most of them, especially the wifed up ones are well, i'm gonna say EROTICALLY DEPRIVED lol for lack of better terms. Simply put, their women aren't bringin' the freak and according to them that's the norm among women in relationships, married and not. It fizzles out once its "official"

BUT as a woman, a young woman, with a healthy (unfortunately deprived) appetite for NO holds barred passion I find this hard to believe because tsn't half the excitement GETTING HIM EXCITED, READY.....HARD, especially YOUR man, by any feasible, safe means?!?

It's no secret that most serious relationships especially marriages end because of money AND...SEX!!!!!!! Now, you probably can't avoid the money issues BUT sex on the other hand, is avoidable, avoidable....AVOIDABLE at ALL costs, I mean, if for nothing else as a distraction from ya other issues!

I mean they were complaining about seemingly trivial sh*t from; the lack of lingerie, costumes, role playing, oral sex, swallowing, variety in positions, spontaneity....LADIES what's good?

Isn't PART of the satisfaction knowing that when he leaves, comes up from that nap, or finishes inhaling that post passion meal you've pulled all the stops, and that you're not a SMUT but all he needs sexually???? We're talkin' about your man not your "friend".

What's the disconnect?? Do men want it too much? Are they asking too much (in your experience)? The answer is YES to that question for the guy wanting the 3some....LOL that's my personal choice.

But to my ladies I'm asking are you guilty of slacking on the lovin'??? Giving the clean-up woman an IN to your relationship?? AND fellas my question is what's YOUR role? What, if any, is your experience with fizzled out lovin' in a relationship???


Beautiful Diaster said...

I have heard that in relationships especially marriages that sex fizzles out over time. However, I'm not one of those females that in a relationship, I slack on the sexual part of it. I'll admit it...Although I am a lady first and foremost,I am a total "freak in the sheets" for my significant other, nothing changes that. Sex is a big part of a relationship and it's fun to play around and experiment with it(again, with my man...not random ass people). Sex and money are the two major factors that destroy a relationship. Sex more so then money in my opinion.

Remnants of a Mended Mind said...

First of all, one of my most treasured friends, you ripped this post! :)

In my humble opinion its not always what you do, its how you do it. You can sex a man down who owns your heart and vice versa, but if you don't handle him in the bed and/or let him see you regard pleasing him as a "chore" he will, I repeat, WILL find appeasement elsewhere. So yes, you have to keep the vigor and spontaneity in your relationship and see to it that there is quality not quantity in your work. Yeah I said it, quality not quantity. The quality of what you do means more than how often you do it. As a man, trust me, we notice a lot more than women give us credit for. So handle that!

sunshinestar110 said...

First this is a great subject and I just had this convo wit boo a couple of days ago. I don't think no woman goes into relationship thinking that now i got him I can slack on the sex part. At least I know I don't. Of course you want to keep it exciting and so for but we as women are the one expected to do this all the time..A lady in the street, a freak in the streets is what every man wants but we too want the same thing. they are just as guilty as us when it comes to getting comfortable. You got to give just as much as you receive. I have been that chick who has called off the spicy sex life activities just because in return he wasn't puttin up the same efforts as me..hell sometime we need that too

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Sunshine as a blogger I stayed kinda neutral in writing the post but I have to agree with you. WAaaayy to often its up to us ladies to bring the freak, especially when comfort levels have set in. I mean if i'm shaving my legs, waxing, buying lingerie, being his private dancer and little freak...I expect the same in return every now and then. Hell, lets make it a competition if we need to.