Saturday, February 25, 2012

& then "mommy" was added to the mix...

On February 19, 2012 @ 11:13am, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my daughter Trinity Noelle.  Six days later, I'm still in awe of the whole experience.  I can't believe I gave birth (one of my biggest fears) and not only that, NATURAL birth! OMG, yes, I had NO pain epidural, drip, or anything.  After a series of false labor alarms last weekend, I entered active labor around 9:30am on the 19th, got to the hospital around 10:30 and gave my final push to push my princess into the world at 11:13am.  The reason for no drugs?  I got to the hospital fully dilated and it was just time to push...SCARED does not describe how I felt when I was told I wouldn't receive meds.  The pain from the contractions felt like someone was beating the hell out of me in the stomach and back with a bulldozer!  God must've heard my prayers from the previous months and he gave me an EXTRA quick delivery, but honestly the pain was absent during my pushing. the title states "mommy" has been added to the mix!  I am someone's mommy!  Her dad and I are so ecstatic and I can already tell daddy's little girl can do no wrong!  I'm so happy for this new journey, the ability to give life, and for my BLESSING!

Monday, February 13, 2012

PRISSY SWEET CAKE TREATS! Where pretty & tasty mingle*

CUPCAKES!!!!!! I love cupcakes and even more, I love creating cupcakes...toying with recipes, designs, and of course eating them!  Anywho, what was once JUST a hobby has now turned into a budding business.  Prissy Sweet Cake Treats, follow me at (@prissysweetcake).  I was spending so much on cupcakes at various cupcakeries in the DC area and thought "I could do this" "I do this."  So I took the necessary steps to start Prissy Sweet Cake Treats! That isn't a joke, I'm for real! Anywho, this weekend, I had the pleasure of creating the cupcakes for's Valentines event "Cupcakes & Champagne" and to my pleasure and pride, the crowd LOVED them!!  Yes, it was my first time creating cupcakes for someone, a complete stranger's event.  Anywho, be on the lookout for more cupcake posts of my creations for Prissy Sweet Cake Treats!

Also, if at anytime you see something on my blog that you would like to try or if you would like to place a special order, feel free to contact me via email at or just leave a comment for me to get back to you! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My natural hair

So there natural, very unrelaxed hair pre blowout and flat iron and post.  In the blown out pic, Im at about arm oit length.  I'm not really on this "journey" for length as I much as I am for natural healthy hair but the growth is a plus.  Stay tuned for today's twist out.

BTW, I am very pregnant...that explains my plushiousness in the oic with the white tee lol

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My natural hair....

So, lately I have been on this natural hair kick and to make a long story short l, relaxers are a thing of the past for me.  However, instead of doing the BC...Big Chop, I have decided to naturally transition into what is my natural hair texture...very course and THICK!  I have been very happy and pleasantly surprised with how much I have been enjoying this "journey"!  Thanks to youtube, mags, a great stylist, and loads of reading, I have been made privy to some beautiful natural hairstyles and techniques.

I am typing this post as I sit under the dryer at the hair salon.  I'm getting a flat twist first twist out.  I think I will love it! My last style was flexi rods, but that is nothing out of the ordinary for me.  I will post a picture later of my natural hair pre-blow out and post blow out & straightened as well as of the twist out I am getting today...

Are any of my followers rocking their natural hair or considering it??? Tell me about your experience!!

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