Monday, August 31, 2009

Romance NOR chivalry is dead SO GET YOURS!!!

I have been wined and dined in my time some kind of good and usually I keep most things to myself and tell a friend or two SOME details that I don't mind sharing. Although, I tell my mom all the beautiful details, she's my homie and bff!!! Every girl needs one of those! Anywho, I have came across more than enough of my share of beautiful, young, nice young ladies who are under the impression that chivalry and romance are dead and I feel for their pessimism because THEY'RE WRONG and they have such a bleak outlook on their real life, fairy tale-like romance. Romance is alive and ever BLOOMING and chivalry is just as alive as you and I. That brings me to this past Friday evening and Saturday morning....WOW!!! I was amazed yet again by a not so unfamiliar beau and it was all very unexpected!!!

Friday was the perfect day for me to be the recipient of some romantic treatment and princess like attention due to the OT I worked and the wet weather & to my surprise he pulled ALL the stops; candles GALORE...,GREAT drinks (wonder if he meant it that way & a buffett of ALL my favorite foods (crab legs, hot wings, rice pilaf, caesar salad, shrimp, french fries lol, and red lobster's scrumptious cheddar bay biscuits), the candle illuminated hotel room was near the pool. The bed covered in my favorite chocolates (Mmmm kisses...muah), and a card that almost drew me to tears with his feelings for me spilled out in it, stimulating conversation along with some mental and physical "massages" (WINK)!!!! The night was GREAT...GREAT I TELL YOU!!!

I could go on and on about my evening because the emotions inside me and happiness I felt were running wild inside my head and I was so taken back by his thoughtfulness!!! It saddens me when I hear young ladies say they've never received flowers, candlelight meals, kisses in the rain lol, sweet text messages during the day, heartfelt letters/emails/poems/songs just because, gifts full of emotion and thoughtful gestures, bubble baths, secludeded picnics in the quiet of the woods by a beautiful manmade pond, or the feeling of being spoiled by a significant other just because he feels like it, there is no special occasion he just really cares and loves you. Those things really happen and we should all experience them. I'm happy....HAPPY!!! HE DID GOOD LOL!!!

CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD!!! THE ROMANCE IN STORYBOOKS, MOVIES AND SOAP OPERAS REALLY HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE!!! GENDER ROLES ARE EVERPRESENT AND VALID TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE....BE THE LADY, BE TREATED LIKE THE LADY AND EXPECT NOTHING ELSE!!! but remember men like romance too & all those other tender & sweet things too so ladies switch it sometimes & have him in awe :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

!!!YAY ME!!!

LOL...I'm at work typing this (the nerve of me) but I felt like typing on my blog and I'll do what I please lol!! Life is so beautiful and it's hard to think that anything so beautiful isn't a blessing, in the true sense of the word. I can't help but to smile all the time because I have EVERYTHING & EVERYONE (wink :-) I want in my life and I am ridiculously happy about it all. I can't even begin to think how I could be happier. I mean some things will add a little UMPH to others but my world, Tora's World, is is at peace, in harmony and the citizens are all smiling and rapping "Today is a Good day" by Ice Cube lol!!! Enough of my hood fairy tale!! I kind of feel like work is the perfect place to type this post because I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I am learning so much, and just within a few weeks, I can see that my appointment here, is definitely a divine one. My maker has a plan for me here!! I HAVE IT ALL RIGHT NOW...everything I want RIGHT NOW!!! It pays to be optimistic, I tell you it does. I'm living exactly how I said I would like to be living after college and THIS IS RIGHT AFTER COLLEGE! Things shall continue to get better too. I can't say how many times people said to me "is that what you think life after college is like", "you have to pay your dues first, it doesn't work like that", or something along the lines of calling my dreams impossible because they didn't seem to be the norm, or that's just not how it worked out for them. All I can say is I told them all so!!! I refuse to let social norms, other people, or even national circumstances impact, negatively how I will live my life, what goals I accomplish, things I get to do...I'm Shertora and what is for me is for me...I go after and TAKE what is mine, everyone, in my opinion should. Make moves, accomplish goals. Never settle for mediocre and BE THE ONE TO CHALLENGE AND SHATTER THE "NORM!!" I'm on cloud 9 because YES, everything is perfect because it's how I wanted it, said I'd have it....who said we don't get everything we want???? Trust me it's just a matter of staking your claim and taking what yours. EVERYBODY CAN HAVE EVERYTHING THEY WANT....I DO!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Entertainment Television....REALLY??

Ok, so when I turn the television to BET I see African American people or Black people for the sake of the network's name, but as for the programming being entertaining, I question that. It's embarrasing maybe and perhaps even regressive but entertaining not so much. It's ironic how most BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION programming isn't even viewed in the household of most of my fellow BLACK Americans. I'm disappointed in BET and I prefer other channels myself such as MTV, Bravo (when I am watching television)...the programming is just better on those channels and the creative genius is innovative and attention grabbing. I mean, just look at how long the Real World (parent of all "reality" shows) has been airing and I can't forget True Life. HOWEVER, when I turn to BET, WHEN I TURN TO BET...there is Tiny & Toya, Frankie & Neffe, Baldwin Hills, "College" Hill, another embarrasing show making a mockery of less than half of Black America, etc, etc. My question to BET, is since the network is named BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, can we, the Blacks (lol but seriously) have a leveled platform in regards to the way we are portrayed to the world????? I mean, not every BLACK WOMAN is uneducated, speaks improper english, has children out of wedlock by a gang of daddy's, is battling drugs. Our men aren't just rappers, athletes, and our women, believe it or not actually like men that do not do those things for a living. There are some of us LIKE MY FRIENDS AND MYSELF, that don't come from broken homes, are doing commendable things in life; kind hearted, educated, law abiding, career seeking, independent, job holding, fun loving, don't have kids out of wedlock, working toward goals, and I could go on and on BUT basically all I am saying is ENOUGH OF THE HOOD DRAMAS, CAN WE BE REPRESENTED???!?!? Black Entertainment Television is supposed to land under the umbrella of those things that are "for us by us" right? So, how about we not perpetuate stereotypes, and offer the world a greater and more accurate view of Black America?? GOSH!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am so amped about the coming wkend because just like my post from yesterday says, there are things I have been wanting to do, different things, before the summer is a wrap. I'm a firm believer in sisterhood and my close female friends can vouch for that. I also believe in the more the merrier!!! So, with that WHY NOT MAKE NEW GIRLFRIENDS?!?!! Well, that's the chik plan of this coming weekend. One of my dearest and I will team up with a womens group, Saturday, and head to the beach...YEP!!! Some FUN gyrl time in the SUN!!! Sun, fun, pink panties, sand, girl talk, games while we check out the men that will hopefully be playing beach sports in nothing but swimming trunks WITH TONED PECKS, ABS AND ARMS, ANYTHING ELSE IS...JUST IS...BUT I DIGRESS AND APOLLY!!! LOL I'm ready...female bonding is beautiful. I wish more women would understand embrace feminine bonding...EVERYONE NEEDS THEIR GIRLS!!! Sisterhood is powerful, necessary, and very healthy for us women...we & I especially care about my beautiful, fellow black women, need to UNITE!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I want to do before summer is OVER!!!

So, I can't say enough about how awesome my summer has been but IT REALLY HAS BEEN AWESOME!!! I'm not ready for it to be over though...there are still things that I want to do, for entertainment and to...well, expand my horizons and do things that I maybe wouldn't do on the regular. Hopefully, I can drag a few of my friends along for the ride....Among them are:
1. Have a social!
I have so many friends and many of them do not know each other at all as a result of the different ways I met them all. I have been wanting to blend my group of friends forever or at least have people become familiar with each other. I would like to start with my girlfriends by having a social of some sort. One of my favorite items to have grace my palate is ice cream so maybe an ice cream social complete with finger foods will prove to be a good idea among my lovely chikas before the summer is out. DO THIS BY: spicing up the way you make popsicles. Popsicles are portable, cold and fruity...the perfect summer treat!!! Blend all those feminine favorites like strawberry/chocolate, Mango/Pineapple to make a tasty frozen pop...any girly drink can be turned in to a popsicle. Summer dresses, popsicles, girl talk and!!!

2. Laquer IT!!!
I am really into nail art these days thanks to a dear friend of mine. I dedicated this summer to my girls, in that, I said i'd spend it with them and i'm not done doing that....Have a girly outing out to the nail salon and go as wild YET as cute as possible with the color and nail art...One might be surprised at what they like. Do this with a bottle of Champagne or your favorite wine. Will do this Saturday FOR SURE!!!

All summer I have been saying I need to get to the bookstore and even though I have found my way there, I have yet to purchase anything. It is important to stimulate one's mind with reading that enhances knowledge moreso than it is for reading that entertains....I will do this as well!!!! Maybe today actually....I'm all about being in the know because anything else isn't pretty. People like people who can KNOW SOMETHING about everything.

4. WINE & DINE!!!
One thing I did frequently before I began a four year long love rollercoaster was wine and dine often with my girls....This is something I should have never let go of. Although it was unintentional. Time with one's girls is imperative!!! Since it's summer, I will be able to step back in the mode of restaurant touring with my ladies. Restaurant week is also coming up in the D.C area and that'd be a great time to spend with old friends talking about the past, enjoying good food and each other. Check out the link to find out about D.C restaurant week specials and participating restaurants....

So, above I mentioned an ice cream social and some people may not be into that or are just to "GROWN' for that...if that is the case then I suggest trying out a fruity drink recipe with the girls and enjoy! I've done this plenty of times with my friends especially in college. Our drink of choice was infamously named the PINK PANTY!! We had ridiculously fun times over that drink and it stands as one of the best drinks i've ever had. Try out a drink recipe, watch chick flicks, order in, man bash and HAVE IT UP!!!

Women love to look and feel sexy and on one of these Saturdays I shall get my behind out of the house and to the dance studio like i've been saying for months. Looking sexy and feeling sexy can only be a workout session away! Try out the pole dancing/exotic dancing craze and sign up for a session whereever it's offered in your area!! In the D.C area, I suggest BodyTalk because they allow for drop ins (going w/o appointment) for a rate of $15.00. They will make sure to tell you not to forget your heels! Here is the link to BodyTalk

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am a girlie girl that loves all things ladylike and dainty!!! Maybe that's because I love being a girl; getting my hair done, buying makeup, smelling nice, and having a man do for me, those things that I just don't feel up to doing myself LOL!!! On a more serious note, and speaking of smelling nice, I have fallen in LOVE with Bath & Body Works' new fragrance, yet to be released, P.S. I LOVE YOU (what a CUTE name)!! I certainly don't want to use my blog to promote products, that's just not my thing, but if and when I LOVE something, I will do just that! P.S I LOVE YOU, is, in my opinion, one of the best fragrances offered or that will be offered by Bath & Body Works. The scent is clean, floral, fresh and very feminine...and I am all about dainty!!! Right now, the scent as a complete collection (shower gel, body spray, lotion) isn't offered in stores BUT Bath and Body Works has been offering a travel size of the body lotion for just $1.00!!! That's a $3 saving off of the regular price....I have 6 LOL!!! This is the usual when Bath & Body Works introduces a new fragrance....which really makes them all worth checking out. I will make sure I am always stocked on this one!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I say BEYONCE!!!!!! LMAO!!!

So whatsup and whats been going on with me? Well lots of things....but one in particular is reading and writing. I've been needing to catch up on my reading because I was slippin' in my knowledge of what's going on in the world LOL and I can't have that!!! I've been doing some reading for entertainment as well though!! My entertainment news has been coming from everywhere but I keep it lowkey on the number of subjects i'm interested in, which range from the KK dolls (Kardashian sisters), Lady B (Beyonce), athletes such as Terrell Owens (looooove his body, hence the pic and post below that he TOTALLY inspired) although we've been bombarded with CONSTANT coverage of Mike Vick's return to the NFL (UGH!!!), and whatever Wendy Williams is talking about on the Wendy Williams Show which is my NEW guilty pleasure...HOW U DOIN??!! I LOVE HER SHOW & HER "REALNESS" at least I hope she's being real, you gotta love people like that!!!

Anywho, I'm addicted to another blog that is also on blogger BEYONCEITIS!! I am probably the biggest Lady Bey fan my friends know of so for obvious reasons I just can't get enough of this guy's hilarious spin on all things Beyonce and Mrs. Carter related lol....wonder if she's heard of his blog because he is an entertaining mess (but in a good, supportive of Beyonce way), so i am just in love with him but his blog has captivated me within the last week. I've been following him since I started this blog (due to the name of his blog) but it was only last week that I sat down and read his material...CHECK HIM OUT especially if you love you some Mrs. Knowles-Carter as well!!!

Speaking of the KK Dolls Kourtney and Khloe have a new show on E set in Miami. The show premiered last night and I LIKED it. They have to be the cutest sisters, the 3 of them! I don't think we'll miss Kim at all on this show though because those two can hold their own and demand their own attention....I just love Khloe because of her refusal to censor herself and be anything but herself, seemingly COOL CHIK, on television anyway! Who doesn't love a free spirit?!? So yea that's that....but,

I want to touch on deadbeat moms. So after encountering a friend of mine about this subject last week, I happened to also find an article on the net about a Georgia man who was sentenced to a year in prison for being a deadbeat dad and failing to pay child support. He stopped paying the child support after hearing reports that the child may, in fact, not be his child. HOWEVER, instead of having a DNA test years ago when the child was born or even last year after he stop paying and was summoned to court, then sentenced to prison time because of it....WHAT?! He then was released last week because a DNA test proved that the child was actually not his child. So now my question is, CAN SOMEONE PAY HIM?? UGH!!! Not everyone should be parents and I'll leave that at that.....have a laugh or two or three on me and go check out BEYONCEITIS!!!! You can find it under the blogs I enjoy list on my profile!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The not so UNforgotten

The things we think go unnoticed aren't unnoticed at all, well usually! We're used to people telling us after we've done something, how great or how bad we did and when we don't get that feedback we automatically think negatively, despite any good that we KNOW we did. More is noticed that what we think. Those around us all the time and even those just there for a moment, notice our efforts or the lack thereof to be terrific and productive people. We often forget that fact. We forget that there are eyes and ears EVERYWHERE and that both good and bad memories of us are created daily!!! I remembered this as I realize the reason I am sitting at my desk right now and remember recent conversations I've engaged in....NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of a smile, a helping hand, diligence, thoughtful words, a quiet yet secure display of confidence, and when necessary silence. Knowing it all, being the best, finishing first are all ok goals to STRIVE for BUT NONE of those will stand to compete with someone's first, redefining, and last impressions of you. One never knows who is watching, listening, and taking note SO STRIVE FOR POSITIVITY ON YOUR PATHS BUT DON'T FORGET COURTESY AND HUMILITY!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The goings about....

I haven't blogged since leaving for Florida almost 2weeks ago!! I'm back now and the vacation was all I could have hoped for it to be. The fun in the sun came complete with Disney World trips, AAU's 14u boys basketball nationals, KRAZII nights in Downtown Orlando, great family time around the pool and nice lookin hard body men that couldn't resist walking around barely naked!!! It was all this gyrl could ask for!!! I had a BLAST, so much so that I will be back before the year is out!!!

My lyfe has been so busy lately but in a good, funtabulous way LOL!!! OMG!! MY FAVORITE SHOW IS BACK ON THE AIR!!!! HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA & with the second season only 2 episodes in, the ladies have not disappointed with the level of drama that only they can bring....KUDOS to my girl NeNe for trying to make amends with everyone though although she should have known the outcome....BRAVO & TMZ have been keeping me up on the drama with the ATL ladies!! I hope Kim doesn't press charges on NeNe but we'll see.....

IMMA WORKIN' GIRL NOW!!! That's right...corporate america has reopened its gates to me and i'm about to be stackin$$$$$$!!!! LOL, even though i'm clearly typing this from my desk, sssshhhh!!!!! LOL!! I try not to bombard people with my belief but GOD has been so, ridiculously good to me this year!!! I have one more prayer for this year and GOD has been about his word lately so optimism is my middle name for that one! THANK YOU JESUS FOR PRAYER!! I shall stay diligent on that one!!

The summer is almost over but the blessings of 2009 are not. I noticed my happiness and natural high ALMOST unnoticeably being snatched from me this morning & I had to check that @ the door because EVERYday is what we make it and allow it to be. I've learned that the things we give the most attention to are the things that will prosper the most in our lives, so I chose the positive people and things that bring a smile to my face....RESULT: I love the life I am living!!

With That.....CHEERS to smiles, GREAT times and a HEARTFELT I love you to summer 2009!