Thursday, August 13, 2009

The not so UNforgotten

The things we think go unnoticed aren't unnoticed at all, well usually! We're used to people telling us after we've done something, how great or how bad we did and when we don't get that feedback we automatically think negatively, despite any good that we KNOW we did. More is noticed that what we think. Those around us all the time and even those just there for a moment, notice our efforts or the lack thereof to be terrific and productive people. We often forget that fact. We forget that there are eyes and ears EVERYWHERE and that both good and bad memories of us are created daily!!! I remembered this as I realize the reason I am sitting at my desk right now and remember recent conversations I've engaged in....NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of a smile, a helping hand, diligence, thoughtful words, a quiet yet secure display of confidence, and when necessary silence. Knowing it all, being the best, finishing first are all ok goals to STRIVE for BUT NONE of those will stand to compete with someone's first, redefining, and last impressions of you. One never knows who is watching, listening, and taking note SO STRIVE FOR POSITIVITY ON YOUR PATHS BUT DON'T FORGET COURTESY AND HUMILITY!!!

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