Monday, August 17, 2009

I say BEYONCE!!!!!! LMAO!!!

So whatsup and whats been going on with me? Well lots of things....but one in particular is reading and writing. I've been needing to catch up on my reading because I was slippin' in my knowledge of what's going on in the world LOL and I can't have that!!! I've been doing some reading for entertainment as well though!! My entertainment news has been coming from everywhere but I keep it lowkey on the number of subjects i'm interested in, which range from the KK dolls (Kardashian sisters), Lady B (Beyonce), athletes such as Terrell Owens (looooove his body, hence the pic and post below that he TOTALLY inspired) although we've been bombarded with CONSTANT coverage of Mike Vick's return to the NFL (UGH!!!), and whatever Wendy Williams is talking about on the Wendy Williams Show which is my NEW guilty pleasure...HOW U DOIN??!! I LOVE HER SHOW & HER "REALNESS" at least I hope she's being real, you gotta love people like that!!!

Anywho, I'm addicted to another blog that is also on blogger BEYONCEITIS!! I am probably the biggest Lady Bey fan my friends know of so for obvious reasons I just can't get enough of this guy's hilarious spin on all things Beyonce and Mrs. Carter related lol....wonder if she's heard of his blog because he is an entertaining mess (but in a good, supportive of Beyonce way), so i am just in love with him but his blog has captivated me within the last week. I've been following him since I started this blog (due to the name of his blog) but it was only last week that I sat down and read his material...CHECK HIM OUT especially if you love you some Mrs. Knowles-Carter as well!!!

Speaking of the KK Dolls Kourtney and Khloe have a new show on E set in Miami. The show premiered last night and I LIKED it. They have to be the cutest sisters, the 3 of them! I don't think we'll miss Kim at all on this show though because those two can hold their own and demand their own attention....I just love Khloe because of her refusal to censor herself and be anything but herself, seemingly COOL CHIK, on television anyway! Who doesn't love a free spirit?!? So yea that's that....but,

I want to touch on deadbeat moms. So after encountering a friend of mine about this subject last week, I happened to also find an article on the net about a Georgia man who was sentenced to a year in prison for being a deadbeat dad and failing to pay child support. He stopped paying the child support after hearing reports that the child may, in fact, not be his child. HOWEVER, instead of having a DNA test years ago when the child was born or even last year after he stop paying and was summoned to court, then sentenced to prison time because of it....WHAT?! He then was released last week because a DNA test proved that the child was actually not his child. So now my question is, CAN SOMEONE PAY HIM?? UGH!!! Not everyone should be parents and I'll leave that at that.....have a laugh or two or three on me and go check out BEYONCEITIS!!!! You can find it under the blogs I enjoy list on my profile!

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