Monday, March 29, 2010

I had a blast this weekend with some long time and not so long time friends. We all got together to celebrate the 25th birthday of one of my dearest friends and exCollege suitemate. I almost didn't make the festivities but i'm happy that I did! The much needed fun & girl time came at THE BEST time!! In the midst of all the partying, chit chats, and smiling for the cameras, I took a moment to step back and reflect on the friendships/relationships i've had along the years. My reflection was met with feelings of bittersweet satisfaction as I remembered "friendships" that didn't quite last, the gabillions of memories i've accumulated, and the friendships i'm able to still celebrate to this day for their endurance through the ups and downs of life & growing up.

I've had to say goodbye to some I once called friend and viewed as an extended member of my family...the older sisters I never had, older brothers i've wished for and the would be husband that ended up just another ex-boyfriend. I'm still growing up, and while I hate that some of those relationships were short lived, i'm uber proud of the crowd of well rounded, funny, caring, smart young people that I have attached the title of life long friend to. I've learned alot over the years and I've learned enough to realize that the bunch that I move with now is a a permanent bunch. So, it's with a smile that I think of all the memories we have yet to make & realize like; anniversaries, graduations, births, weddings, heartbreak, birthdays, vacations, and phone conversations just to say we're thinking about each other. I'm BLESSED to have these people and vice versa.....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UPDATE: Georgetown University....

Well, the stars have aligned and now the clock is ticking to see if they've aligned in my favor!!! If you've been following me, then you know a few months back I decided that I wanted to, instead of treading straight to law school, earn a certificate in Paralegal Studies FIRST. I chose to apply to Georgetown University and promised i'd update my readers on any progress. I did receive an email telling me to expect a decision to arrive in the mail within the the next week or two *CROSS THOSE FINGERS* readers and hope for the BEST!!!!! I'd like to go to Georgetown for law school, if I should ever decide to go all the way, and this IS a career move........../EeeeeeeeeK/ I'm soooo excited, nervous, anxious & holding my breath!!!

I will let my readers know of the outcome, hopefully the happy outcome....Stay tuned & meanwhile go after YOUR dreams!!!

Lightening up....

YES!!! I'm waaay excited I lost 7pounds on my mission to be slimmer and even sexier for Las Vegas Mayweather Fight Weekend!!!!!!!!
I stepped on the scale last night and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my diligence IS, in fact, paying off!!! This is
THE ULTIMATE ENCOURAGEMENT to keep it up!!!! My morale is boosted and my muscles feel great after some much needed weight
training last night***

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FOOLYWANG...**Pretty_Dead END**

When I saw this video on AOL about two families on Wife Swap, I was beside myself in astonishment at how these parents were raising their "Princess Pageant Queen" daughter...certainly gives me a new definition of spoiled!!! They have set her up for DEAD failure and disappointment and LAWD, do I feel for her futureEXhusbands!!!! This is a messy train wreck in the making. Seriously, I'm scared for her!! On the other hand the other family is taking feminism to another level but I applaud there efforts to teach their girls the values of hardwork and independence...but really, I LOVE being a girl and all that comes with that; makeup, having my door opened, chivalry, a man fixing my car, and not having to get my hands dirty sometimes because there are men in the world to do that stuff. That is ME though. IDK, I've been told I'm a little too girly for my own good BUT I think every woman should play up and embrace her feminity, we're Earth's most precious treasure. LOL, anywho checkout this video and tell me what you think....

Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday, my government could not have made me more proud to be an American than by voting to enact President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill. Yea, it'll raise taxes, the wealthier Americans are probably not happy about it BUT, it all boils down to the fact that every American should have access to adequate health care. It makes no sense that as one of the world's economic super power's the United States has, in previous, years failed to insure all Americans. Some call it socialist behavior, socialist politics, but WHATEVER, less developed nations HELP their citizens by guaranteeing them health care, making quality doctor's available to them and medicine. Equality in health care is a huge thing for a nation's survival. Think of what this Health Care Reform could do for death rates from Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, Stroke....American's who weren't able to before, can now have regular checkups, teeth cleanings, quality maternity care, etc.

Rejecting Health Care Reform is rejecting the wellbeing and mortality of a nation....This is a huge VICTORY for the American people. It's worth it!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From tearful goodbye to blissful hello....

In my 22 years I've realized that people don't like saying goodbye. When we get used to a certain person, place or thing we have a hard time accepting that, that too, must and will come to an end....dreading saying goodbye. We look at the absent factor that they'll no longer be there and things won't be the same instead of realizing that while sad at the moment, that is really one of the purest beauties of life; NEW BEGINNINGS** If only we could see over the hump of sadness when a loved one has passed on, a relationship has ended, a friendship is no more, a job didn't workout or what/who we love no longer needs or loves us. If we could see the *brighter* side, because there is ALWAYS a brighter side, we'd smile instead of cry in the face of despair, grow antsy with anticipation of what is up for us next, and run toward the world with our arms and hearts open instead of closed with a sad face wallowing in our own self pity and sorrow.

Join me in a journey toward individual peace and happiness...
Let's STOP focusing on what isn't, didn't workout, or what we can't have!!!
Let's CHOOSE to smile about what IS, appreciating life's simple, yet abundant pleasures,
Let's LIVE away our sadness, tears, unhappiness by maneuvering through the pain by enjoying everything that life has given us, and for the lessons that, THAT WHICH IS NO LONGER has taught us (for that was it's purpose)!!!
Let's CONTINUE to go for those things, people, jobs, WHATEVER, that make us happy, bring us satisfaction!!!
Let's LOVE the unknown because IT is why that thing you're sad over ended for when one door closes another will open and completely overwhelm you with it's BEAUTIES, PLEASURES, AND PEACE, because it's yours, is ready for you and FINALLY you are ready for it!!!!!!!


Monday, March 15, 2010

This doesn't have a title because I couldn't come up with one that I thought totally fit the bill. This post is moreso about my venting than the reader's enjoyment. Who made any of us the judge of another's level of beauty?!?!? It is really disheartening to hear the evil remarks that people repeatedly make about the star of the film "Precious" Gabby Sidibe. I mean from regular/everyday people NOT nominated for Oscars, to SUPERSTARS like Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern. IT'S MEAN!
I'm not saying i'm exempt from such criticizing because i"ve critiqued the looks of some in my past as well, but the extent to which the remarks of the Precious star goes, encourages me to challenge myself and be better....physical beauty is, JUST THAT, physical beauty!!! It doesn't speak to the heart, character, or true traits of that person. Our bodies are just shells that house a spirit full of personality and FEELINGS, yet praised merely for what they look like, with the joke being on the worshipper!!
I am one that can say I have met, befriended, and observed people who were absolutely gorgeous PHYSICALLY and lacked loyalty, depth, sense of humor, intelligence, warmth, and plain ol' friendliness!!! Beauty isn't about the physical.
Hearing the remarks about Gabourey Sidibe hurt MY feelings so I know at some point they get to hers and the people like her in the world. Noone should ever be an outsider because of their looks, for their character should speak volumes over their looks whether good or bad! Every interview i've seen with Gabby Sidibe her personality seems just as funny, warm and bubbly...not to mention she speaks very eloquently. Her acting in Precious was superb!!!

Can we challenge ourselves to look deeper and BE deeper by embracing people for WHO they are and not for mere superficial, physical looks....The world would be so much better!!!
"The term beauty fades doesn't just imply the effects of old age, wrinkles or injuries, but to personalities as well. Tearing down or judging a fellow man based on their looks is just as much an injustice as racism, sexism, ageism and any other form of discrimation." ME**

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is gorgeous & regular...irregular???

So, my co-worker and I often talk about men and all that comes with that. We also often talk about famous men and it's no secret that quite a few famous men tend to be abnormally handsome, I mean some are outright gorgeous (& understandably so), but our question is, WHERE ARE THE REGULAR BLUE COLLAR, BOARDROOM, WALKING IN THE MALL, DOWN THE STREET, IN YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE GUYS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS????

I'm not just talking about guys that i've met but i'm talking about in daily observation while on your lunch break, cruisin the mall, driving, running errands, whatever...where are the undiscovered, regular joe Lance Gross, Kenyon Martin, Keston Karter, Boris types?????????? Where do they hangout? Bank? Work? Shop????? Where?!?!?!?!?

I mean what does a girl have to do to get some good eye candy? I have never seen a guy that is that level of handsome in regular life....NEVER!!

I've lost hope there....GORGEOUS REGULAR men are NOT regular, at all!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My friends and family have been listening to me say how much I loved Mo'nique's heartfelt, sincere thank you speech after she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her speech was a personified illustration of humility and gratitude. I saw the movie Precious and she really did deserve that award ***side eye*** to Samuel L. Jackson and whatever his look was about.

What I liked the most about her speech is that she thanked Hattie McDaniel. Hattie McDaniel is the first African American to ever win an Academy Award and the first African American actress to win the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind***

**Much to the dismay of my family, I LOVE Gone With the Wind**

However, I realized that many people didn't know who she, Hattie McDaniel, was and since I am behind in my posts on women, it's women's history month and Oscar night was a BIG night for women, I figured I'd have a post in tribute to Hattie McDaniel.

Hattie McDaniel was not just an actress. She was a singer, songwriter, comedienne, radio performer. She has two stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. One is for her work in films and the other for her work in radio as she was the first African American woman to perform on radio. She is also the first Academy Award winner to receive a United States postal stamp bearing her image. She has been inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame and is probably one of the most, if not THE most, celebrated African American in film history for her achievements!!!


Sunday, March 7, 2010


What do you think about open relationships/marriages???

The comedian Mo'nique was quoted recently saying if her husband stepped outside of their marriage for sex "cheating" so to speak, she would not be upset with him, and that, in so many words, she knows her place with him and wouldn't be threatened by such a decision. While, I am not sure of the accuracy of such statements, it has also been said that Will & Jada Smith's marriage is also what would be considered an open-relationship. They are allowed to step outside of each other for sexual purposes if the other one is not available for said activity.

Would you consider this kind of relationship???

My first thoughts were "why would you want to share", "who on Earth would want to do that and why get married if that is the case." While, I still feel like that, my next thought was "well, it's working for these couples."

In the months after the whole HOOPLA over Tiger Woods and his affairs, I would like to get some idea about what the public feels on this topic. Tiger's dad was quoted, before his death, as saying something along the lines of he told Tiger that monogamy & marriage in a mobile society much like ours is unnecessary. I was surprised that a father would tell his son something like that but IS HE RIGHT??

Is marriage/monogamy unnecessary in today's society??

The purpose of marriage is for two people to join in matrimony (holy & unholy in todays world) for the rest of their lives devoted to each other; love, honoring and obeying each other. So, before we frown on said couple's decision to partake in open marriages/ there really anything wrong with it if there is a conscious choice between both parties to participate in an open relationship?? COULD IT BE THE SECRET TO EVER LASTING LOVE????

Friday, March 5, 2010

Prenuptial Motive: For love or lifestyle

Had a conversation lastnight with my mom and today with my co-workers and the central questions were what would be your motive or reason for marrying who you'd marry. What's important to you....treatment or lifestyle. OR could you not part with either.
The question first posed to me by my mom was: If you were dating two men, that were both handsome ready to jump the broom, would you pick the guy that A.) Was very financially stable, maybe very wealthy, wasn't as available to you, maybe didn't treat you as well, sex was ok (not bad), good in bed, but he's successful and can provide a luxorious lifestyle OR B.) would you choose the man that didn't make as much money (modest income $50,000-$70,000), average guy, treated you well, had your best interest at heart, bedroom action was right....he just can't provide the wonders & lap of luxury the other guy can.....who'd you pick????

GUYS: WHICH LADY WOULD YOU PICK? Would you really have a problem with a lady if she chose you because you were the wealthier guy??
Do guys sometimes find themselves in a dilemma with having to pick ambition, brains over bombshell looks????

I sometimes watch Millionaire Matchmaker and the premise of the show, which is, to hook millionaire seeking hopefuls with nuptial ready millionaires, and wondered about the latter question.

Talk to me PEOPLE!!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I cannot and will not hate on Mr. Derek J!!! LOL, he is waay fierce and I love his decision to DO HIM regardless of what anyone thinks!!! I love how ATL embraces the gay community and Lord knows I love me some gay men!!!!!! I actually want him to do my hair just for the convo & checkout his shoes....FIERCE!!!!

Commuter Love...

I wonder how many people, yearly, find love on the train. You know i've never really thought about it until recently while talking to a friend/co-worker about a cutie she noticed on the Marc train as he was noticing her. Often times, we're into our ipods, cell phones, or reading material and don't really pay the people around us any attention but we don't know whose paying us some attention either. I do have my days when I'm paying extra attention to my surroundings and in doing so, i'll see if I scope out a prospect or two but usually, I end up just scoping as there aren't usually any guys that get my attention.

LOL, we were at work talking about the guy she eventually began to get to know and turns out he's the ultimate catch (right age, nice, career, childless, single), well from what she's learned at first anyway and he's obviously liking her as well. So, there's my question, How often does that happen?? Have you ever found "love" on the train, bus, walking, or in a cab lets say on your way to work, an interview or etc???

Now that I think of it, I have one story of "commuter love." It was a long time ago and his name was Jovi`, he was a gorgeous 6'8" model, that literally bumped into me not paying attention and then jumped in front of me while I was in line waiting to load money on my metrocard (yea, before SmartTrips), and without hesitation, I let him know I wasn't feelin' the move and we exchanged some words but quickly noticed he was both TALL & GORGEOUS....I had to know him* LOL, my way of easing the tension was asking him how tall he was, which led to a conversation and him asking me for my number. He turned out to be a construction worker/model, typical & ironic (right out my fantasies LOL), I was young it was fun. I was 16 and he was 19...we eventually grew apart and he had a kid, nonetheless the year and half was fun, and he was great eye candy!!!

Any stories on COMMUTER LOVE????

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I don't know whose heard this song but it touched me for obvious reason. I LOVE IT!
I haven't blogged much on here within the last week or so but it's because i've been typing away on my personal blog (url uknown), venting and expressing my feelings about some issues I have had to deal with lately. I usually retreat there, my secret, online journal when I have stuff I don't want to talk about with other people.

I broke up with my boyfriend and while sad at first, it may not be such a bad thing. We've been off & on for the past 4 years and while familiar, it was just never quite right, you know? I'm not sad, mad or disappointed...I played a role in the way things ultimately went down too. I had some truths of my own, nothing too bad it was just the deceit behind it all....Secrets I have kept from him for a year or more. He wasn't happy and I didn't expect him to be but by the time I outted that stuff, we were already OVER!

I figured i'd be done with it this time, chase MY dreams, realize some of my goals and let love work it's way back around to me. After all, our cards are already dealt and what/who is for us will be just that, for us. So after the first 24hours of our breakup and my initial "shock" I got it moving. I proposed friendship, but he didn't care for the idea, and that's absolutely fine.

After a crash session of venting and expressing myself to my BFF, I was back in effect. See, my perspective is this: Love doesn't play games. As people we play games with love and I can't allow myself to take part in such irresponsible behavior, I mean emotions are involved, feelings and spirits get broken and the "I hate you" feelings afterward are unnecessary. He had alot of the characteristics I'd love in a man but he also came with alot that I, nor any woman I know, can bare.

In some way's he'd improved, could make me happier than happier BUT respect is a huge issue with him....he LACKED it!! I mean it was bad! He could say, do, anything to you (even me, his girl) in a moment of anger and TO ME that's not acceptable. I had my last straw with it. I think the breakup would fall on the grounds of a mutual one but I've definitely had ENOUGH!!

Like I always say, I never say never but certainly not right now. It's a toxic, unhealthy relationship that I want no parts, imma just sit pretty til the right toad turns into my prince. I have time, i'm only 22!!!!!!