Monday, March 22, 2010


Yesterday, my government could not have made me more proud to be an American than by voting to enact President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill. Yea, it'll raise taxes, the wealthier Americans are probably not happy about it BUT, it all boils down to the fact that every American should have access to adequate health care. It makes no sense that as one of the world's economic super power's the United States has, in previous, years failed to insure all Americans. Some call it socialist behavior, socialist politics, but WHATEVER, less developed nations HELP their citizens by guaranteeing them health care, making quality doctor's available to them and medicine. Equality in health care is a huge thing for a nation's survival. Think of what this Health Care Reform could do for death rates from Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Heart Disease, Stroke....American's who weren't able to before, can now have regular checkups, teeth cleanings, quality maternity care, etc.

Rejecting Health Care Reform is rejecting the wellbeing and mortality of a nation....This is a huge VICTORY for the American people. It's worth it!!!!

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