Tuesday, March 16, 2010

From tearful goodbye to blissful hello....

In my 22 years I've realized that people don't like saying goodbye. When we get used to a certain person, place or thing we have a hard time accepting that, that too, must and will come to an end....dreading saying goodbye. We look at the absent factor that they'll no longer be there and things won't be the same instead of realizing that while sad at the moment, that is really one of the purest beauties of life; NEW BEGINNINGS** If only we could see over the hump of sadness when a loved one has passed on, a relationship has ended, a friendship is no more, a job didn't workout or what/who we love no longer needs or loves us. If we could see the *brighter* side, because there is ALWAYS a brighter side, we'd smile instead of cry in the face of despair, grow antsy with anticipation of what is up for us next, and run toward the world with our arms and hearts open instead of closed with a sad face wallowing in our own self pity and sorrow.

Join me in a journey toward individual peace and happiness...
Let's STOP focusing on what isn't, didn't workout, or what we can't have!!!
Let's CHOOSE to smile about what IS, appreciating life's simple, yet abundant pleasures,
Let's LIVE away our sadness, tears, unhappiness by maneuvering through the pain by enjoying everything that life has given us, and for the lessons that, THAT WHICH IS NO LONGER has taught us (for that was it's purpose)!!!
Let's CONTINUE to go for those things, people, jobs, WHATEVER, that make us happy, bring us satisfaction!!!
Let's LOVE the unknown because IT is why that thing you're sad over ended for when one door closes another will open and completely overwhelm you with it's BEAUTIES, PLEASURES, AND PEACE, because it's yours, is ready for you and FINALLY you are ready for it!!!!!!!


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