Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memories from a summer's past...

This past Sunday afternoon, I was driving to the movie theater in Bowie to take my sister to see Shrek (yes, I used her as a pawn)...truthfully, I couldn't wait until the movie came out to see it myself!! Anywho, so it was one of those rare occasions where I was listening to the radio instead of Monica's latest or FatBellyBella...and Plies' "Shawty" started to play on the radio. I was instantly taken back 3 years ago to a summer, that for me, was a bittersweet, vulnerable time in my young life. I was open that summer, filled with emotions, dealing with the WORST breakup...BUT experiencing one of the truest yet rare moments in time in regards to friendship.

I remembered my "friend" the one I cried, smiled, laughed, talked, partied, worked and GREW with that summer....Summer 2007! We were meant to be friends for that specific period of time. Where does Plies' song "Shawty" fit in with all this??? Well, it's long and complicated. However, hearing it on the radio the other day solidified for me that there was a point in time that our friendship was pure, we coached each other, held each other and cried together!! She's 5 years my senior and although we're not friends anymore, I look back at that time when we were friends...closer than ever and I shed a tear and can't help but to smile...

With that said I wish you (although you may never read this) ALL the best!!! I heard through the Hawk Alum grapevine that The Princess finally got her Prince, and I want to say that although no longer spirit is happy for you both. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question of the day...

If youre still friends with an ex flame/boyfriend/girlfriend whatever...would you invite them to your wedding or disregard the friendship for fear that your more than steamy past would upset your fiance?


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Monday, May 10, 2010


I got accepted to Georgetown University for the Paralegal Studies program inside their School of Continuing Studies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've known for awhile now but haven't had time to really let my blog fam know!! It's been about 2 weeks since I officially found out but i'm still just as happy!!!
Life is great & i'm Blessed!!! Living exactly how I said I would and trust; there were plenty that said "is that what you think life after college is like?" "You have to crawl before you walk, pay your dues"
That might all be true BUT don'tlet anyone set their stipulations and limitations on YOU!!! Your crawl, struggle, and dues will not be like theirs. You are unique and therefore everything associated with you is too....PICTURE IT,CLAIM IT & SEIZE IT!!

What do my readers think....

about the other woman? In recent months i've read a few posts about cheating and how people felt about the act in the wake of the Tiger Woods "scandal" but what do you all think about the other woman? Do we blame her solely, if at all? In the celebrity world, quite a few couples have been gettin' it in, doin' the grown up and one party isn't completely single...usually separated officially or unofficially from a husband or wife. Some I can think of off the top of my head are Swizz Beatz of course, Dewayne Wade, Shaunie O'neal. Do you think that it is wrong for not yet divorced man or woman to move on romantically? Does it matter if they have kids or not? I'm just wondering what my readers think of these things. I know my feelings and will remain objective until I hear your thoughts but there it is bloggers; What do you think??? ''
Also, is there ever really true love and trust after cheating? I believe in forgiveness whether you choose to take him or her back regardless BUT are both compononents (love & trust) ever really restored in said relationship???