Monday, May 10, 2010

What do my readers think....

about the other woman? In recent months i've read a few posts about cheating and how people felt about the act in the wake of the Tiger Woods "scandal" but what do you all think about the other woman? Do we blame her solely, if at all? In the celebrity world, quite a few couples have been gettin' it in, doin' the grown up and one party isn't completely single...usually separated officially or unofficially from a husband or wife. Some I can think of off the top of my head are Swizz Beatz of course, Dewayne Wade, Shaunie O'neal. Do you think that it is wrong for not yet divorced man or woman to move on romantically? Does it matter if they have kids or not? I'm just wondering what my readers think of these things. I know my feelings and will remain objective until I hear your thoughts but there it is bloggers; What do you think??? ''
Also, is there ever really true love and trust after cheating? I believe in forgiveness whether you choose to take him or her back regardless BUT are both compononents (love & trust) ever really restored in said relationship???



sunshinestar110 said...

I certainly don't understand why some women blame the other woman and play the blame game. i think sometimes we as women wan't to believe that our significant other was having a moment of weakness and would never disrespect us and we turn our anger to the the other woman. I have never blamed or I don't think I will ever hold harsh feeling toward the other woman because she was only doing what my bf/husband or whatever he is allows them to do. He made the choice to cheat, he made the choice for it to be her so why be mad at her.I'm personally not a very forgiving person so forgiving after cheating I have never done I usually wash my hand of that person and never speak one of word of them again.

dating diva said...

I don't think it's always all the other woman's fault. It takes two people to cheat, so both parties are responsible. Cheating is a big deal to me though. If someone cheated on me it would take a lot for me to get over that. I would try to forgive, but once that trust has been broken it can be hard to replace.