Monday, March 15, 2010

This doesn't have a title because I couldn't come up with one that I thought totally fit the bill. This post is moreso about my venting than the reader's enjoyment. Who made any of us the judge of another's level of beauty?!?!? It is really disheartening to hear the evil remarks that people repeatedly make about the star of the film "Precious" Gabby Sidibe. I mean from regular/everyday people NOT nominated for Oscars, to SUPERSTARS like Jamie Foxx and Howard Stern. IT'S MEAN!
I'm not saying i'm exempt from such criticizing because i"ve critiqued the looks of some in my past as well, but the extent to which the remarks of the Precious star goes, encourages me to challenge myself and be better....physical beauty is, JUST THAT, physical beauty!!! It doesn't speak to the heart, character, or true traits of that person. Our bodies are just shells that house a spirit full of personality and FEELINGS, yet praised merely for what they look like, with the joke being on the worshipper!!
I am one that can say I have met, befriended, and observed people who were absolutely gorgeous PHYSICALLY and lacked loyalty, depth, sense of humor, intelligence, warmth, and plain ol' friendliness!!! Beauty isn't about the physical.
Hearing the remarks about Gabourey Sidibe hurt MY feelings so I know at some point they get to hers and the people like her in the world. Noone should ever be an outsider because of their looks, for their character should speak volumes over their looks whether good or bad! Every interview i've seen with Gabby Sidibe her personality seems just as funny, warm and bubbly...not to mention she speaks very eloquently. Her acting in Precious was superb!!!

Can we challenge ourselves to look deeper and BE deeper by embracing people for WHO they are and not for mere superficial, physical looks....The world would be so much better!!!
"The term beauty fades doesn't just imply the effects of old age, wrinkles or injuries, but to personalities as well. Tearing down or judging a fellow man based on their looks is just as much an injustice as racism, sexism, ageism and any other form of discrimation." ME**

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