Friday, March 5, 2010

Prenuptial Motive: For love or lifestyle

Had a conversation lastnight with my mom and today with my co-workers and the central questions were what would be your motive or reason for marrying who you'd marry. What's important to you....treatment or lifestyle. OR could you not part with either.
The question first posed to me by my mom was: If you were dating two men, that were both handsome ready to jump the broom, would you pick the guy that A.) Was very financially stable, maybe very wealthy, wasn't as available to you, maybe didn't treat you as well, sex was ok (not bad), good in bed, but he's successful and can provide a luxorious lifestyle OR B.) would you choose the man that didn't make as much money (modest income $50,000-$70,000), average guy, treated you well, had your best interest at heart, bedroom action was right....he just can't provide the wonders & lap of luxury the other guy can.....who'd you pick????

GUYS: WHICH LADY WOULD YOU PICK? Would you really have a problem with a lady if she chose you because you were the wealthier guy??
Do guys sometimes find themselves in a dilemma with having to pick ambition, brains over bombshell looks????

I sometimes watch Millionaire Matchmaker and the premise of the show, which is, to hook millionaire seeking hopefuls with nuptial ready millionaires, and wondered about the latter question.

Talk to me PEOPLE!!!!!

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Gav said...

I would have a problem with a woman who took my hand because of the material. Material is never guaranteed and certainly doesn't last for ever as opposed to love which transcends all borders and boundaries. I would want something of substance and lasting. I do find it troublesome to pick ambition and brains over a bombshell because they so rarely go hand in hand. You can always find someone who is more than aesthetically pleasing but if she has the intellect to go with it is another story. Ultimately if i had to pick (which I hope I never do) I'd go for the brains and ambition because those are very attractive qualities to have regardless in my opinion.