Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commuter Love...

I wonder how many people, yearly, find love on the train. You know i've never really thought about it until recently while talking to a friend/co-worker about a cutie she noticed on the Marc train as he was noticing her. Often times, we're into our ipods, cell phones, or reading material and don't really pay the people around us any attention but we don't know whose paying us some attention either. I do have my days when I'm paying extra attention to my surroundings and in doing so, i'll see if I scope out a prospect or two but usually, I end up just scoping as there aren't usually any guys that get my attention.

LOL, we were at work talking about the guy she eventually began to get to know and turns out he's the ultimate catch (right age, nice, career, childless, single), well from what she's learned at first anyway and he's obviously liking her as well. So, there's my question, How often does that happen?? Have you ever found "love" on the train, bus, walking, or in a cab lets say on your way to work, an interview or etc???

Now that I think of it, I have one story of "commuter love." It was a long time ago and his name was Jovi`, he was a gorgeous 6'8" model, that literally bumped into me not paying attention and then jumped in front of me while I was in line waiting to load money on my metrocard (yea, before SmartTrips), and without hesitation, I let him know I wasn't feelin' the move and we exchanged some words but quickly noticed he was both TALL & GORGEOUS....I had to know him* LOL, my way of easing the tension was asking him how tall he was, which led to a conversation and him asking me for my number. He turned out to be a construction worker/model, typical & ironic (right out my fantasies LOL), I was young it was fun. I was 16 and he was 19...we eventually grew apart and he had a kid, nonetheless the year and half was fun, and he was great eye candy!!!

Any stories on COMMUTER LOVE????


jusmisskiss said...

I always wondered what happens when ppl meet on planes, trains other areas of travel.. I wonder how fate brings certian ppl together and how it neglects others... Being one of the commuters who always has my earphones in or face buried in the clouds(or the glass) I know I have could have missed a few love connections.. Since fate or chance dealt ur friend an ace, I'm gonna pull the plug on my earphones for a while.. :)

Lipglass and Handbags said...

An ace is right LOL! & i'm pretty sure she's gonna pay more attention of what/who is around her now....You'd be surprised of how some people probably met!