Monday, March 29, 2010

I had a blast this weekend with some long time and not so long time friends. We all got together to celebrate the 25th birthday of one of my dearest friends and exCollege suitemate. I almost didn't make the festivities but i'm happy that I did! The much needed fun & girl time came at THE BEST time!! In the midst of all the partying, chit chats, and smiling for the cameras, I took a moment to step back and reflect on the friendships/relationships i've had along the years. My reflection was met with feelings of bittersweet satisfaction as I remembered "friendships" that didn't quite last, the gabillions of memories i've accumulated, and the friendships i'm able to still celebrate to this day for their endurance through the ups and downs of life & growing up.

I've had to say goodbye to some I once called friend and viewed as an extended member of my family...the older sisters I never had, older brothers i've wished for and the would be husband that ended up just another ex-boyfriend. I'm still growing up, and while I hate that some of those relationships were short lived, i'm uber proud of the crowd of well rounded, funny, caring, smart young people that I have attached the title of life long friend to. I've learned alot over the years and I've learned enough to realize that the bunch that I move with now is a a permanent bunch. So, it's with a smile that I think of all the memories we have yet to make & realize like; anniversaries, graduations, births, weddings, heartbreak, birthdays, vacations, and phone conversations just to say we're thinking about each other. I'm BLESSED to have these people and vice versa.....

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