Wednesday, April 7, 2010

40+ & FAB!!!! (Black Pride Moment, Sorry?)

As of lately i've been on this self improvement, beauty, health, fitness, positive attitude kick and anyone who knows me, knows that I pride myself on my African American heritage....LOVE being a Black Woman!!!! While browsing the net I came across a few pictures of some nubian (LOL) women that show us better than anything else that Black DOES NOT crack!!!

At 22 I can only hope I have a fraction of these ladies' beauty, sex appeal, poise, and grace when i'm 40+!!!!! I should have done this post when I was doing my Black Women in History posts in February & March. Nevertheless, it's here now. I'm posting this now because I believe my fellow African Americans are the sexiest, baddest people on this Earth...we bring the flavor, humor, fun, spice, mystery, strength, sugar, and EVERYTHING NICE!!! Kudos to us eh? and these BEAUTIFUL WOMEN rockin' 40+ like only WE can!!!! Of course there are more women than just the three shown here.....

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