Friday, April 9, 2010

Sin City Bound!!!

EXCITED??? Pleeeeease, that is an understated description about how I feel about my trip to Las Vegas. It's definitely nothing short of a dream come true and the BEST thing is, I am making it happen for myself. NOPE! This isn't another mommy & daddy gimme, I planned and financed this trip ON MY OWN from the plane, luxury hotel, to the sexy limo that will serve as mine and the bestii's roundtrip transportation back & forth from the airport!!!! The whole ordeal has been exciting; booking the flight tix, hotel (Signature @ MGM Grand), Chippendale Show tix, shopping and discovering all that Vegas has to offer in the months before!!! I'm pumped and lmao at my parents constant questions on the details about my trip. LOL, it's my first trip, at such a long distance, without them. So far i've only had minor road trips (no more than 6hours away) with friends............I'm LOVING the life i'm LIVING because I AM LIVING the life I LOVE!!

CLAIM what you want for you! Refuse to settle for less!! My dreams are coming true......Living exactly the way I claimed I would even amongst my naysayers!!! My bills are PAID! I SAY what I want, Pray for what I want, Set out for it and HAVE it....LIFE is an interesting ride but we can set out to make it as enjoyable as we wish. DO YOU MY LOVELIES *Smile*

"I talk like this cause I can back it up"

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