Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The goings about....

I haven't blogged since leaving for Florida almost 2weeks ago!! I'm back now and the vacation was all I could have hoped for it to be. The fun in the sun came complete with Disney World trips, AAU's 14u boys basketball nationals, KRAZII nights in Downtown Orlando, great family time around the pool and nice lookin hard body men that couldn't resist walking around barely naked!!! It was all this gyrl could ask for!!! I had a BLAST, so much so that I will be back before the year is out!!!

My lyfe has been so busy lately but in a good, funtabulous way LOL!!! OMG!! MY FAVORITE SHOW IS BACK ON THE AIR!!!! HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA & with the second season only 2 episodes in, the ladies have not disappointed with the level of drama that only they can bring....KUDOS to my girl NeNe for trying to make amends with everyone though although she should have known the outcome....BRAVO & TMZ have been keeping me up on the drama with the ATL ladies!! I hope Kim doesn't press charges on NeNe but we'll see.....

IMMA WORKIN' GIRL NOW!!! That's right...corporate america has reopened its gates to me and i'm about to be stackin$$$$$$!!!! LOL, even though i'm clearly typing this from my desk, sssshhhh!!!!! LOL!! I try not to bombard people with my belief but GOD has been so, ridiculously good to me this year!!! I have one more prayer for this year and GOD has been about his word lately so optimism is my middle name for that one! THANK YOU JESUS FOR PRAYER!! I shall stay diligent on that one!!

The summer is almost over but the blessings of 2009 are not. I noticed my happiness and natural high ALMOST unnoticeably being snatched from me this morning & I had to check that @ the door because EVERYday is what we make it and allow it to be. I've learned that the things we give the most attention to are the things that will prosper the most in our lives, so I chose the positive people and things that bring a smile to my face....RESULT: I love the life I am living!!

With That.....CHEERS to smiles, GREAT times and a HEARTFELT I love you to summer 2009!

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