Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I want to do before summer is OVER!!!

So, I can't say enough about how awesome my summer has been but IT REALLY HAS BEEN AWESOME!!! I'm not ready for it to be over though...there are still things that I want to do, for entertainment and to...well, expand my horizons and do things that I maybe wouldn't do on the regular. Hopefully, I can drag a few of my friends along for the ride....Among them are:
1. Have a social!
I have so many friends and many of them do not know each other at all as a result of the different ways I met them all. I have been wanting to blend my group of friends forever or at least have people become familiar with each other. I would like to start with my girlfriends by having a social of some sort. One of my favorite items to have grace my palate is ice cream so maybe an ice cream social complete with finger foods will prove to be a good idea among my lovely chikas before the summer is out. DO THIS BY: spicing up the way you make popsicles. Popsicles are portable, cold and fruity...the perfect summer treat!!! Blend all those feminine favorites like strawberry/chocolate, Mango/Pineapple to make a tasty frozen pop...any girly drink can be turned in to a popsicle. Summer dresses, popsicles, girl talk and!!!

2. Laquer IT!!!
I am really into nail art these days thanks to a dear friend of mine. I dedicated this summer to my girls, in that, I said i'd spend it with them and i'm not done doing that....Have a girly outing out to the nail salon and go as wild YET as cute as possible with the color and nail art...One might be surprised at what they like. Do this with a bottle of Champagne or your favorite wine. Will do this Saturday FOR SURE!!!

All summer I have been saying I need to get to the bookstore and even though I have found my way there, I have yet to purchase anything. It is important to stimulate one's mind with reading that enhances knowledge moreso than it is for reading that entertains....I will do this as well!!!! Maybe today actually....I'm all about being in the know because anything else isn't pretty. People like people who can KNOW SOMETHING about everything.

4. WINE & DINE!!!
One thing I did frequently before I began a four year long love rollercoaster was wine and dine often with my girls....This is something I should have never let go of. Although it was unintentional. Time with one's girls is imperative!!! Since it's summer, I will be able to step back in the mode of restaurant touring with my ladies. Restaurant week is also coming up in the D.C area and that'd be a great time to spend with old friends talking about the past, enjoying good food and each other. Check out the link to find out about D.C restaurant week specials and participating restaurants....

So, above I mentioned an ice cream social and some people may not be into that or are just to "GROWN' for that...if that is the case then I suggest trying out a fruity drink recipe with the girls and enjoy! I've done this plenty of times with my friends especially in college. Our drink of choice was infamously named the PINK PANTY!! We had ridiculously fun times over that drink and it stands as one of the best drinks i've ever had. Try out a drink recipe, watch chick flicks, order in, man bash and HAVE IT UP!!!

Women love to look and feel sexy and on one of these Saturdays I shall get my behind out of the house and to the dance studio like i've been saying for months. Looking sexy and feeling sexy can only be a workout session away! Try out the pole dancing/exotic dancing craze and sign up for a session whereever it's offered in your area!! In the D.C area, I suggest BodyTalk because they allow for drop ins (going w/o appointment) for a rate of $15.00. They will make sure to tell you not to forget your heels! Here is the link to BodyTalk

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