Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am so amped about the coming wkend because just like my post from yesterday says, there are things I have been wanting to do, different things, before the summer is a wrap. I'm a firm believer in sisterhood and my close female friends can vouch for that. I also believe in the more the merrier!!! So, with that WHY NOT MAKE NEW GIRLFRIENDS?!?!! Well, that's the chik plan of this coming weekend. One of my dearest and I will team up with a womens group, Saturday, and head to the beach...YEP!!! Some FUN gyrl time in the SUN!!! Sun, fun, pink panties, sand, girl talk, games while we check out the men that will hopefully be playing beach sports in nothing but swimming trunks WITH TONED PECKS, ABS AND ARMS, ANYTHING ELSE IS...JUST IS...BUT I DIGRESS AND APOLLY!!! LOL I'm ready...female bonding is beautiful. I wish more women would understand embrace feminine bonding...EVERYONE NEEDS THEIR GIRLS!!! Sisterhood is powerful, necessary, and very healthy for us women...we & I especially care about my beautiful, fellow black women, need to UNITE!!!


love,harmony, and drama said...

Aww I wish i can come and celebrate with my sisters this weekend!!!

Miss Odukoya xx said...

I totally agree with you..I beleive in the sisterhood :)..It is always great to have a group of girls that you can depend on and can depend on you.. Have fun on saturday!!

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Yaaay Kricel you're coming!! I wish Stacey was too...this is going to be GREAT!!! Miss. Diva Odukoya, I will most definitely have fun hunni...this wkend is great from Friday to Sunday!!! You have a fabulous weekend too girlie!!!