Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Black Entertainment Television....REALLY??

Ok, so when I turn the television to BET I see African American people or Black people for the sake of the network's name, but as for the programming being entertaining, I question that. It's embarrasing maybe and perhaps even regressive but entertaining not so much. It's ironic how most BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION programming isn't even viewed in the household of most of my fellow BLACK Americans. I'm disappointed in BET and I prefer other channels myself such as MTV, Bravo (when I am watching television)...the programming is just better on those channels and the creative genius is innovative and attention grabbing. I mean, just look at how long the Real World (parent of all "reality" shows) has been airing and I can't forget True Life. HOWEVER, when I turn to BET, WHEN I TURN TO BET...there is Tiny & Toya, Frankie & Neffe, Baldwin Hills, "College" Hill, another embarrasing show making a mockery of less than half of Black America, etc, etc. My question to BET, is since the network is named BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, can we, the Blacks (lol but seriously) have a leveled platform in regards to the way we are portrayed to the world????? I mean, not every BLACK WOMAN is uneducated, speaks improper english, has children out of wedlock by a gang of daddy's, is battling drugs. Our men aren't just rappers, athletes, and our women, believe it or not actually like men that do not do those things for a living. There are some of us LIKE MY FRIENDS AND MYSELF, that don't come from broken homes, are doing commendable things in life; kind hearted, educated, law abiding, career seeking, independent, job holding, fun loving, don't have kids out of wedlock, working toward goals, and I could go on and on BUT basically all I am saying is ENOUGH OF THE HOOD DRAMAS, CAN WE BE REPRESENTED???!?!? Black Entertainment Television is supposed to land under the umbrella of those things that are "for us by us" right? So, how about we not perpetuate stereotypes, and offer the world a greater and more accurate view of Black America?? GOSH!!!!


A Puzzle With Many Pieces said...

I absolutly agree with this 100%. BET is a horrible station now although BET's biggest demographic is "hood" people, that is just a small portion of black americans in this country. BET needs to take it back to the days of Teen Summit, where things of substaince where talked about and we could really relate. Although I do watch Baldwin Hills, a bit of a guilty pleasure, that is probably the only thing I watch on that station...honestly TV One is a way better station the BET and I think it should be nationally syndicated.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

Yessss!!!! I cannot say how many times I have said I miss Teen Summit and I am 21!!! I thought that was a well thought out show concept that was all about informing AND entertaining young people!! I like how you said that "BET's biggest demographic is hood people, that is just a small portion of this country." We only make up 13% of the population but its saddening that we are portrayed so horribly by our own. I mean, in the boondocks of Montana where there are no black people imagine the opinion that has been formed about black people by such disgraceful media portrayals. It's NOT ALL BET'S FAULT BUT BET SHOULD LEAD THE MOVEMENT TO DISPLAY A MORE, UNIVERSAL PORTRAIT OF BLACK AMERICANS!!!