Monday, August 31, 2009

Romance NOR chivalry is dead SO GET YOURS!!!

I have been wined and dined in my time some kind of good and usually I keep most things to myself and tell a friend or two SOME details that I don't mind sharing. Although, I tell my mom all the beautiful details, she's my homie and bff!!! Every girl needs one of those! Anywho, I have came across more than enough of my share of beautiful, young, nice young ladies who are under the impression that chivalry and romance are dead and I feel for their pessimism because THEY'RE WRONG and they have such a bleak outlook on their real life, fairy tale-like romance. Romance is alive and ever BLOOMING and chivalry is just as alive as you and I. That brings me to this past Friday evening and Saturday morning....WOW!!! I was amazed yet again by a not so unfamiliar beau and it was all very unexpected!!!

Friday was the perfect day for me to be the recipient of some romantic treatment and princess like attention due to the OT I worked and the wet weather & to my surprise he pulled ALL the stops; candles GALORE...,GREAT drinks (wonder if he meant it that way & a buffett of ALL my favorite foods (crab legs, hot wings, rice pilaf, caesar salad, shrimp, french fries lol, and red lobster's scrumptious cheddar bay biscuits), the candle illuminated hotel room was near the pool. The bed covered in my favorite chocolates (Mmmm kisses...muah), and a card that almost drew me to tears with his feelings for me spilled out in it, stimulating conversation along with some mental and physical "massages" (WINK)!!!! The night was GREAT...GREAT I TELL YOU!!!

I could go on and on about my evening because the emotions inside me and happiness I felt were running wild inside my head and I was so taken back by his thoughtfulness!!! It saddens me when I hear young ladies say they've never received flowers, candlelight meals, kisses in the rain lol, sweet text messages during the day, heartfelt letters/emails/poems/songs just because, gifts full of emotion and thoughtful gestures, bubble baths, secludeded picnics in the quiet of the woods by a beautiful manmade pond, or the feeling of being spoiled by a significant other just because he feels like it, there is no special occasion he just really cares and loves you. Those things really happen and we should all experience them. I'm happy....HAPPY!!! HE DID GOOD LOL!!!

CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD!!! THE ROMANCE IN STORYBOOKS, MOVIES AND SOAP OPERAS REALLY HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE!!! GENDER ROLES ARE EVERPRESENT AND VALID TODAY THAN EVER BEFORE....BE THE LADY, BE TREATED LIKE THE LADY AND EXPECT NOTHING ELSE!!! but remember men like romance too & all those other tender & sweet things too so ladies switch it sometimes & have him in awe :-)


love,harmony, and drama said...

romance is not dead is just men are lazy sometimes. But B need to write a romance book on how to be romantic for your lady it would be a best seller!!! Happy u had a good evening....

Lipglass and Handbags said...

LOL Yes, some men do need a kick in the groin and a whisper in the ear about romance....Thanks! I had a FABULOUS evening hunni!!!!