Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding Myself....

"& honestly, at 23, I would probably love my work more than I did she. So we, ain't we, it's me and, her, cus what she prefers over me, is work. & that's where we differ, I have to give her free time even if it hurts. So breathe, mami it's deserved. You've been put on this earth to be all you can be like the reserves. And me, my time in the army is served. So, I have to allow her. her time to serve. The time is now for her, in time she'll mature....and to ask her now, it ain't fair"
BUT he'll GAIN one instead of losing one.
I'm extremely happy and proud of myself and the young lady Ive become; 23, gainfully employed, childless, crazy manless (actually just manless lol), law abiding, community serving citizen conquering her dreams!! That verse from "Lost One" reminds me of myself, right now, for the world. I'm doing me successfully with not much room for a "him" but, with that, my "ME" project is successfully underway and when the time is right, he'll be one PROUD King, Blessed among men.
I'm the happiest I've been in the last 3 years and I'm happier by the day because I own my happiness, my peace, my smile, and my dreams...BECOMING ALL I CAN BE LIKE THE RESERVES!! It's been somewhat of a struggle getting here, but the joy is knowing those stories have ended and now I'm single-handedly writing this bestseller of ME, NOW! We question, life's trials and we make our plans not knowing what lies on the other side if those plans just happen to not come into fruition Well, mine fell through, and i'm happy to say my smile is bigger, my days are more positive, my circle is more supportive, and my short & long term goals are underway!!!!!
YAY ME!!!!!
Everything I am now is just a snippet of the well rounded woman I really hope to be one day adding to that Legal Professional, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom, and Friend! I'm realizing dreams by the day!! ALL of what I AM NOW is what I have always wanted to be.
In hindsight, I wouldn't have it any other way....I'm enjoying being 23!!!!!!!!

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