Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gonna be SINGLE for Vday??

Being single for Valentines Day is like living a horror movie when you don't have a Valentine, it seems. While, that's not how I feel, I certainly am going through "lovers withdrawl" realizing that this is the first time in 5 years, I won't be showered with romance on Valentines Day...So, rather then sulk and reminisce on all the beautiful, over the top, romantic Valentines Days I have had in recent years, I'm gonna reinvent the day for ME!! OTHER SINGLE GIRLS SHOULD FEEL FREE TO DO THE SAME!1. Get wasted or just a little tipsy turvy with one of your single girlfriends OR single guy friends and go SPEED DATING for the fun of it! I've never been but i'm seriously considering this, sounds fun!

2. SPA DAY!!! This you can do alone or with a more than one single friend? Have a SPA day and get a nice hotel for the night and have a sleepover. Why not spice it up with a "TOY" party, maybe some pole dancing...may be able to use the toys and moves on Vday next year.

3. Got a crush? That's less than 200 miles away? *LOL*cheap plug* maybe flip the script, go out on the limb, and have a platonic night out on the town with him. After some drinks, laughs, may muster up the courage to tell how you feel ANNNND THUS, maybe have vday on lock for next year.

4. Go out to dinner anyway!! Hit up a nice restaurant, avoid romantic places like the Melting Pot, CoCo Sala, Ruth's Chris, Mortons, etc, boooooo to couples everywhere!! Have fun...go with a SEXY male friend to see No Strings Attached. I hear its good!

5. Go OUT! PARTY! That's a great part about being single. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER, WHENEVER, HOWEVER YOU WANT!!!!!!!!! Dare to wear RED in as sexy a fashion as possible, slip on the sexiest stilleto, get dolled up, party and flirt your heart out for Vday!!!!!!!!!!!!


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