Friday, February 4, 2011

& she grows....

Sooo let me start by apologizing to my followers because i'm the absolute worst blogger on the block right now...with like little to no updates! NOT to mention it's black history month. CHOCOLATE ***kisses*** to all my fellow beautiful, BOLD, regal, black folk in the blogosphere!!!

So, I feel like I owe ya some reading material. Therefore, I'm putting myself on a 5 day writing challenge. HEY, i'm taking baby steps now please bare with me lovies! I've missed reading you alls blogs and commenting on them regularly too.

I'm experiencing alot of change right now inwardly and outwardly and I'M falling in love with the young woman that is making great strides for the woman to be....the maturation of ME!!! Along the way I've realized I have outgrown somethings.

Some people, things, places, HELL some of my jeans for that matter just don't rock to well with me anymore. I've outgrown them like puberty, grade school, 18 & up clubs, relationship games, wasted weekends etc, etc, goes on but....

It's a pretty known fact that I don't like goodbyes...i like to hold on to things moreso people FOREVER but lately I've noticed I done outgrown that too!!!!!

This must me the dolo chapter of the *Chronicles of Tora* the part when everything else fades to black and I focus on me; my happiness, my goals, my attitude, my growth, and MY potential!

MORE THAN EVER, i'm enjoying the beat of my own drum and it feels good, like i've arrived. Don't need no permission, second opinions...i'm having fun discovering me but I guess that's where i'm supposed to be at baggage, holds, just living free....I'm living for positive memories

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