Monday, December 27, 2010

Quote of the night!

Friendship: A building contract you sign
with laughter and break with tears.
I chose this quote because i describes an interesting facet of my life from this year. I have realized that some friendships, new and old, are not meant to be permanent but to simply serve their purpose. A couple of friendships, I am still on the fence about and well, I will let those ride out and see where they go...meanwhile, I have been meeting some interesting people...all are different but all are like me. I like making friends but I love those friendships that prove worthy and stand the test of time. In a moment of trial and error, one may realize that those with the dearest of titles, are the least worthy and should be the least vital.

*TOAST* to wonderful friendships, the family members we get to pick!

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Dapo said...

great quote! im a fan