Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So let the having NO life chapter begin! Imma do this, this and work! How Imma do this, I haven't the slightest but I must further my education, increase my skillset, and well, I need to keep my job!!!

My first night of classes at Georgetown University is this coming Thursday. Class from 6:15pm to 9:50pm will be an interesting feat to accomplish after working full time during the day, but I only have to tough it out til December and I'm hoping to land a new job between now & then.

Anywho, even though intimidated I'm excited! This has to work out, people do it all the time. People raise families, work full time, go to school, participate in church functions, shuttle their kids to and from their activities. I just need to master the art of time management FAST! 1 YEAR, THAT'S ALL IT'LL BE IS ONE YEAR!!!

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Remnants of a Mended Mind said...

if there's anyone i know who is more than capable of figuring out their time-management its you. and the class you're taking can only benefit you. I have the utmost confidence in your success, you're in my circle and I don't surround myself with anybody but the best! :)