Monday, July 6, 2009

My Refusal to Hurt....

FORGIVENESS is the refusal to hurt the one that hurt you, a gift so to speak given to the perpetrator of the heartache imposed upon you. There has been a point in all of our lives in which we were hurt, angered, and either physically, emotionally or verbally badgered by someone near and dear to our hearts resulting in feelings of betrayal, hearbreak, and often times revenge....the desire to GET BACK AT the one responsible for the pain we are in or have felt as a result of something they did or said to us. However, as the BEAUTIFULLY AND PERFECTLY IMPERFECT beings we were created to be, we have a DUTY or responsibility to forgive those that act out against us negatively for OUR OWN well being. Forgiveness does not necessarily come after the delivery of an apology to you from the one that hurt you BUT more importantly FORGIVENESS is, as I said above, a gift, a choice for you to make in regards to your own mental, emotional and physical health, even if said relationship will never be reconciled!!!!! DO IT FOR YOU!

However, forgiveness is not something said but felt within the heart. I have found it to be true that it is impossible to fully forgive someone without ever fully feeling the pain that person caused you....such an attempt can and will end in the "hurt" party feeling resentful, angry, distant, vindictive among other UGLY not so becoming emotions. Find comfort in knowing that in the end, EVIL COMES TO EVIL!!! Life is made up of choices....choose to, if nothing else, be good to you and KNOW that NO ONE can take your ability to be a good person but you!!!


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