Sunday, June 28, 2009

What were they thinking....

The BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION AWARDS had the opportunity to uplift and celebrate the life of the GREATEST entertainer to ever live, a BLACK man and managed to totally flop!!!! IN MY OPINIION, the show was a total disgrace with very FEW highlights! Michael Jackson gave so much of himself to the world up until he took his last breath and then his own people, in a pitiful attempt, to pay tribute to him, manage to do nothing but make a mockery of the situation. There were a few highlights of the show that awarded and recognized real artists like BEYONCE, her hubby JayZ, Wyclef Jean, and Alicia Keys. New Edition did a good job performing although they should NOT have opened the show...but it was nice to see them all on stage together.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was given to the OJays (and not to discredit the OJays) but in all actuality the night should have been a total and COMPLETE tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson! My heart went out to his family more and more as the show progressed and they continuously showed his dad sitting in the audience. However, it was the end of the show that touched me the most when Janet Jackson, a visibly torn and distraught little sister, came out to speak on behalf of her family and her late talented brother. I felt for her because throughout the night there were talented individuals who could have and should have performed Michael's music like; Guy & BBD! There was also the ignorant, ghetto ass attempt by VING RHAMES from Baby Boy to honor the King of Entertaining by saying "Guns is Michael Jackson" WTFreak??? His dad was there and a family is mourning the death of their loved one...have these people, BLACK people NO respect??

As an African American, particularly an African American woman I was disgusted when Drake (one of my fave artists right now) sang his song "I Just Wanna F*** Every Girl in the World" with precious little girls prancing around him....WHAT THE HELL IS THE MESSAGE THERE?!?!?! Both Jamie Foxx & Neyo did do good jobs honoring Michael when they performed his music...a special KUDOS to Neyo!!



♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...

lol, you missed your calling girl. You need to be a critic! This was well written, and so true. Sad, but true.

Lipglass and Handbags said...

LOL i'm just getting this but THANK YOU girlie...I was sooo disappointed!