Wednesday, July 22, 2009

& He Apologizes

So, Chris Breezy has apologized for viciously beating ex girlfriend & awesome pop star Rihanna and asked his fans for forgiveness. As I sit here watching Showbiz Tonight attentively listening to what the critics have to say about his apology, I am forced to address the issue of forgiveness once again. In a sense, I feel like his apology is too little too late from BOTH parties! I think that both Chris and Rihanna should have spoken about the incident months ago as role models for their young fans. At this late date Chris' apology seems anything but authentic and Rihanna should make plans to speak soon about the ordeal, taking a public stand against domestic violence or violence in general, as someone who has been through it herself, to her followers. Before the incident in February, I liked Chris Brown's music and loved Rihanna's music & image (Good Girl Gone Bad is still bumpin in my M-Class) LOL..BUT, domestic violence/abuse in relationships is an issue that we must sweep from up under the rug & ADDRESS!!! As a result of women being more powerful and more successful than ever before, there is a notion that "women aren't taking that mess, abuse, anymore." While this may be true it is NOT true that modern women/men are not encountering negative and abusive relationships. Whether it is emotion, verbal or physical abuse, IT IS TAKING PLACE!!! Additionally, I think that it is IMPERATIVE that abusees forgive their abusers but make the conscious & intelligent decision to approach the situation head on and demand respect while actively living a life free of abuse (in ANY regard) and disrespect, NEVER letting their negative relationship escalate to the level of bruises, hits, loss of self-esteem and the like!!

Both stars have suffered from public scrutiny and opinion BUT can turn this aweful negative into a positive by crusading against unhappy and painfully negative relationships. Rihanna has started that by continuing to lead a publicly happy and social life....H/E whether the apology is sincere or not, it is imperative that Chris Brown is forgiven by all naysayers as I am a firm believer of second chances but of respect as well. HE HAS ALOT TO PROVE!!! Abuse, at even the early stages, take a huge toll on the psyche of the abusee....BETTER EXISTS!!!!


♥Nikki Ms.Healthy KISSES♥ said...
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Lipglass and Handbags said...

LMAO NIKKI Idk if you will see this but I got your comment in my email and you know I especially agree with you in this situation. I also think, as i'm sure you do too, that CB is still very young and can, if he's willing to put in the work, revive his image. He is entitled to a 2nd chance like the next guy BUT i'm particularly agree that beaters are not what's hott @ all!!! Chris does need help and hopefully he is getting it!! The same goes for Ms. Rihanna. It's sad to see such a seemingly beautiful, young love end so horribly...I DESPISE what he did but am optimistic for them both individually.