Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Now, that is just NASTY!

Obviously I watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta as seen from previous posts, but this past Sunday's episode had me warped up in a big ol' mess of grossness, when at Kandi's birthday party, Phaedra's gift, the stripper RiDICKalous commenced to PLEASURE HIMSELF ORALLY while performing!  Phaedra has mentioned this guy before, last season actually,but seeing that it was the truth surprised the hell out of me.  I was with Mama Kandi...that was some, in her words, "BULLSH*T!!!!  WHO WANTS TO SEE THAT?!?!  Where do they do that at?  HOW DID HE DISCOVER HE COULD DO THAT?!?!  Further, why was Peter so obviously engaged by the stripper's performance!?!?  Yea, I caught that and putting that together with the location, the A, I think Cynthia may wanna investigate that foolishness...Peter seemed just as engaged as Lawrence *sideeye*

Anywho, just in case you DID not catch RiDICKalous and his "talents"  here is the clip....

Just GROSS!!

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