Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Rich BITCH!

LMAO...okay so because of all the loose ends from last season, I was looking forward to the premier of the Real Housewives of Atlanta especially to see what was going on with NeNe...Ms. Drama herself!  Sure enough NeNe is bringing the drama already in episode ONE!!  LMAO at this argument between NeNe and Sheree...NeNe has gotten herself some very new SUPPOSEDLY very long money and felt the need to let Sheree know when confronted by Sheree about a failed business venture screaming at Sheree "I'm rich bitch".  She then went on to say how much her veneers cost, how Celebrity Apprentice put her on financially and that she is RICH and doesn't need to side swipe the likes of Sheree for business.  THIS WAS JUST A MESS!!!  I pause at believing that Celebrity Apprentice has put NeNe on the status of rich, but Donald Trump can now expect an influx of celebrities to be calling him to get on Celebrity Apprentice because it seems like every episode NeNe is going to be talking about her new found RICHNESS from Celebrity Apprentice.  Safe to say she is feeling herself!  Loved the argument!  So juvenile, messy, yet ENTERTAINING!

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